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Aaron Chapman
23-06-2010, 22:32

The link above is to a PDF I compiled of various important Dice stats that show up frequently in Warhammer 8th edition

1) Leadership Tests
2D6 w/ re-roll
3D6 Cold-Blooded
3D6 Cold-Blooded w/ re-roll
2D6 Rapturous Banner
2D6 Rapturous Banner w/ re-roll

2) Casting / Dispel Table
1D6 -> 6D6 dice rolled and 3+ -> 16+ to cast
Suggested number of dice to have at least a 90% chance of success (anything less and you risk not being able to cast a 2nd time)
Chances for double 6-6 Irresistible Force & Miscast on 1D6 -> 6D6
Chances for ANY double IF / MC when Ring of Hotek or Book of Hoeth is used

3) Charge Distances
Infantry 2D6 charge distances between 2" -> 12"
Cavalry 3D6 (drop lowest) charge distances between 2" -> 12"

4) Chance to Escape Pursuing Enemies (from combat)
Distances for Infantry, Cavalry, Dwarfs & Skaven fleeing from various unit types including combinations of infantry & cavalry

I hope these stats are useful for your 8th edition games, the magic phase has changed dramatically from 7th to 8th, so old ways of thinking about casting/dispelling are no longer valid.

If there is a stat chart that I didn't include that you think would be helpful email me aaronchapman1980 @ yahoo . com

23-06-2010, 22:35
Wow, this can be very useful. Thanks for sharing!

23-06-2010, 22:38
Gorgeous and well done! However i was wondering if you could run the casting chart out to both 7 dice (dragon mages cast with 1 extra die, assuming that rule stays) and out to a casting value of 20+ as thats the highest casting value of a spell (i think).

23-06-2010, 22:47
Yeah, good one. Cheers!


Magic Karl
23-06-2010, 23:13
Your site doesn't work on my computer.. is this a temporary problem with a few others? I'd really like to see this tool, it sounds great.

Aaron Chapman
24-06-2010, 01:22
Your site doesn't work on my computer.. is this a temporary problem with a few others? I'd really like to see this tool, it sounds great.

Try right clicking and choosing "save".

If that doesn't work email me and I'll send you an attachment.

24-06-2010, 04:59
Doesn't units with Swiftstride also Flee and Pursue 3D6 discarding the lowest result?

Either way, I really enjoy what you have done. I like probability maths myself and would have probably calculated these sooner or later but now you are saving my effort, thanks a lot.

(What I generally don't like, is mathhammer based on expected values. Probabilities are much more interesting.)

07-11-2010, 02:51
I think your rapturous banner numbers are wrong?

Why does the rapturous banner have a 44.4% chance of passing a breaktest on 2s? I think it should have something like a 16.8% chance?

Dosen't the rapturous banner make any doubles you roll on your brake test count as double 1s?

07-11-2010, 14:08
Anything with a double or a 1. So that's (6 doubles) + (11 rolls with at least a single 1) - (1 set of double 1's) = 16 combinations. 18 would be 50%.

07-11-2010, 14:45
I like this chart quite bit.

I would like to see the odds for casting with a +1 to +5 bonus though. Chart would be huge but you're always casting with a bonus nowadays.

Edit: Nevermind, you just need to look at a lower number. Durr:o

07-11-2010, 15:34
Very useful, thanks. :)

Torpedo Vegas
07-11-2010, 20:02
Mmmm...more mathhammer goodness.

07-11-2010, 20:03
Thanks for putting this up. This has to be one of the most useful posts I have seen on here. It saves me trying to calculate some probabilities in my head the whole game! Thanks again!

08-11-2010, 08:45
Very cool doc!

I know you've listed it as chance to double 6, but you've included the chance to roll triple, quadruple, etc 6s in the chance to IF table, yes?

08-11-2010, 08:55
Really useful, thanks for posting

09-11-2010, 20:00

09-11-2010, 22:44
one interesting part in statistics that people tend to forget is that if you have say 4+ roll with a reroll your chance of success is not 100% but rather 75%.

a common thing people say is that if i have a 1/6 chance of something it should happen if i have 6 tries.


if i only have 1 try then its 16.667% chance
if i got two tries then its 30.555% chance
if i got three tries then its 42.129% chance
if i got four tries then its 51..774% chance
if i got five tries then its 59.812% chance

and if i got six tries then its 66.51% chance

10-11-2010, 01:33
You are a gentleman & a scholar...