View Full Version : DoW Allies In 8th

24-06-2010, 12:09
So now that slots have been done away with in favor of percentages what are your guys opinions on filling up some of your rare space with DoW? Obviously certain armies already fill up close to the limit with thier own choices but what about the others?

First off the artillery peices.... I could definitely see Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen or Vampires taking a couple cannons and a hot pot or two while still having plenty of points available for a big monster. Two of each artillery peice only costs 270 points, slightly more than half of your allowance in a 2000 point match, seems like a pretty good deal to me. Even dwarves and empire if they're feeling particularly nasty could add in two DoW cannons easily to thier rare's while taking three of thier own in special. Probably a little over the top and you might not have enough targets after a couple turns but for most people running out of targets is better than letting something big and nasty hit your line because you didn't have enough.

There's also plenty of basic shooting options for those lists that lack the option. Crossbowmen, halflings and the rest while perhaps not as effective as elves or riflemen are a whole lot better than skeletons and ungors. Definitely worth a look at sometimes.

If you need some skirmishers duelists with pistols can be pretty nice, a big unit in horde formation might even cause some serious damage with a round of shooting followed up by a stand and shoot when they get charged.

Elves, skaven and other squishy armies might want a nice solid anvil and DoW is happy to provide. Dwarves can take a lot of punishment for cheap while norse and pikemen trade a bit of defence for an offensive punch.

And then there's the big hitters if you find yourself needing something to smash into the enemy. Rhinox riders, Ironguts or cavalry take your pick.

There's even a dragon if really want, although I'm not sure if he counts as your rare limit, your hero limit, both or if it's your choice.

All in all DoW probably aren't going to make an army better so much as fill in some gaps to round it out. Some people might feel this takes away from each army's uniqueness. That woodelves shouldn't use cannons and dwarves never use cavalry for a reason. If you let them then every army loses it's style. I'm not too sure if I agree with that but it's something to keep in mind.