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24-06-2010, 14:24
Heya guys. After thinking about it I think I might go with my Dark Elves for 8th Edition. Not decided yet but I did write up a list wondering what you guys thought.

Ive made the list for 2999 becuase at 3k the restrictions go out the window and I expect the average points game to be between 2500 and 2999.

Supreme Sorceress, lvl 4, Dispell Scroll, Pendant of Khaeleth, Cold One - 350 (Lore of Shadow)
Dreadlord, Cold One, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Armour of Eternal Servitude, Potion of Strength, Hydra Blade - 279
Total - 629

Ok first up are the Lord choices. Ive opted for a Supreme Sorceress and a Dreadlord. The Sorceress I did go for the cheese of Pendant...I know its pretty broken but I dont want her getting stabbed by a couple of peasents and dying. After much contemplation I decided to give her a Cold One so she can stick with the knights becuase I wanted her to have Lore of Shadow and the ranges are pretty low. The Dreadlord is the good old fashioned, chop you in the face till it hurts with a 1+ armor and regen. Always nice to have, plus his leadership 10 will be nice for the stupidity.

Master, BSB, Cold One, Heavy Armor, Lance, Shield, Banner of Nagarythe, Sea Dragon Cloak - 264
Sorceress, lvl 2, Sacrificial Dagger, Opal Amulet(4+ ward against first wound) - 175 (Lore of Metal)
Sorceress, lvl 2, Life Taker, Tome of Furion - 180 (Lore of Darkness)
Total - 619

Hero time!! First up we have the rather expensive BSB with the banner of Unbreakableness. 1+ armor and a lance means he can still take a hit or two and dish out a couple of wounds. Also the BSB can now re-roll Stupidity checks aswell so I should be ok at LD10 with a re-roll. The two sorceress' are in here for a little more magical variety. Wanted at least one person to have the Lore of Metal and the same for Lore of Darkness. Life Taker and Sacrificial Dagger always nice to have aswell so they made it into the list.

Crossbows x12, Musician - 125
Crossbows x15, Musician - 155
Warriors x28, Full Command, Shields - 211
Warriors x28, Full Command, Shields - 211
Dark Riders x5, Repeater xbows, Musician - 117
Dark Riders x5, Repeater xbows, Musician - 117
Total - 936

My wonderfull Core. Units of Crossbows, decided against the shields as they dont get the hand weapon and shield bonus the same as they used to. Have given a musician to the unit of 15 to make use of being able to reform if I pass a Leadership test so they can jump into ranks if needed. Gave the other unit a musician becuase I had 5pts :D Warriores with spears, high initiative and hatred are quite nice. Two decent size blocks of these should be able to poke some death at people. Can either go at setup for decent ranks for possible stubborn, or if im facing somebody with more ranks than me (cough skaven cough) then we can go 7 or 8 wide and stab them to death. Couple of units of Dark Riders becuase...why not?

Cold One Knights x10, Full Command, Banner of Murder, Potion of Toughness (One use only, +3 Toughness), Luck Bringer Shield (One use only, ignore first hit against champ) - 360
Shades x5 - 80
Total - 440

Woo! Go Unbreakable Cold Ones that now get to fight in two ranks!! These guys dish out alot of pain. Gave the Champion the potion and shield to maybe keep him alive in a challenge against some character my other guys dont want to fight. Also got the Armor Piercing banner which works well even in prolonged combat. Unit of Shades in here aswell just for scouting and annoyance.

Bolt Thrower x2 - 200
Hydra - 175
Total - 375

Finaly the rare, two Bolt Throwers are of course nice to have. Did consider getting a third but couldnt decide what I wanted to drop to get it in. The last model in the army, the Hydra...What can you say expect that its now even better?

So thats the list and the reasons why ive gone with what I have. What do you guys think? Also do you think im right about the average points game or do you predict something else?

24-06-2010, 17:33
Is it part of the new rules where the BsB lets you re-roll Stupidity Checks?

24-06-2010, 17:38
BSB lets you reroll all failed leadership based checks.

Narius Phinshredder
24-06-2010, 17:50
And if you put your BSB on a monsterous mount he can increase the range from 12 to 18 inches too! Cold ones become really viable with the re-roll stupidity even without the Ld 10 lord.

24-06-2010, 17:51
Also, you have your Lvl 4 Sorceress on a Coldone. Even if the BsB allows stupidity re-rolls you are risking losing her for an entire magic phase.

Put her on a Dark Steed then run her with Dark Riders. I would be tempted to try 10 Dark Riders w/shields. You only lose the first turn 12" move, but they still move like Fastcav with 8th Ed.

I run a Lvl 2 with 5 Dark Riders in 7th. Just be mindful of who can shoot at them and stay out of charge range/arcs.