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24-06-2010, 14:26
So, here is another "to be" 8th ed army list. With an excuse on my lips; the reason I picked an army list for the not yet published edition is for my future gaming and that we almost know what can be expected from the new rules.

The idea for the army's theme came after I was rambling through the Realm of Chaos-books, and just fell in love with the old gibbering madness that was a Chaos Army. With the new army book for WoC I feel that the beauty of the old crazieness is gone, replaced with a more stern and basic approach for the minions of the Dark Gods. The same can be said with Beastmen, as they've dumped the crazy theme and went with a more "realistic and dark" theme. So the army I tried to form is my try on going back to the Realm of Chaos.
Now I don't say that my view on the theme is a perfect vision, as I never were there in the "good ol' days", so bear with me on my interpretation (I'm more than open for discussion on the matter!).
The army will be composed of various models, for the sake of my fantasy, and I will point out what will be what.

Here it goes:
Heroes ---------------------- 503pts
Exalted Champion, Helm of Many Eyes, Great Weapon, Shield, Mark of Nurgle 163pts
- Converted Crom

Sorcerer of Chaos, lvl 2, Mark of Slaanesh, Book of Secrets, Collar of Khorne 180pts
- Old Mordheim Possessed minature, the Dark-something-something crazy man-warrior. Replaced axe-head with a "Bad moon", as a hint to Blanche.

Sorcerer of Chaos, lvl 2, Mark of Nurgle, Fury of the Blood God 160pts
- Converted Champion of Chaos Undivided

Core ----------------------- 1064pts
15 Chaos Warriors, shields, additional hand weapons, csm, Mark of Nurgle 315pts
- The "new" Chaos Warrior models. Can't find my old warriors, which would be a glorious addition to the force, so the new ones will have to do.

15 Chaos Warriors, shields, halberds, csm, Mark of Slaanesh 295pts
- Will be using the new bestigors for this unit, as I think the whole "I'm a pervy god"-theme goes really good with some hooves and goat-heads.

30 Marauders, light armour, shields, csm, Mark of Slaanesh 210pts
- Will be a mixture of Marauders and Ungor models, as the Dark Prince's mindless minions and cultists

6 Warhounds 36pts
6 Warhounds 36pts
- New silly hounds. Can't go anywhere without my missle-screen

5 Marauder Horsemen, flails, light armour, musician 86pts
5 Marauder Horsemen, flails, light armour, musician 86pts
- Love the new models for the Horsemen, so can't go without them

Special ------------ 785pts
5 Chaos Knights, Standard, Musician, Mark of Slaanesh 240pts
- Will be using Dark Elves Cold One Knights for this. Really liked their involvement with the Slaanesh-cult, through the background, and imagined a couple of proud nobles would most surely serve at the "Dark Court".

5 Chaos Knights, Standard, Musician, Mark of Nurgle 260pts
- Once again the new models just simple rocks my socks. The end.

3 Chaos Ogres, Great Weapons, Chaos Armour 150pts
- Ironguts with a bit of tinkering with armour and wotnotz.

3 Chaos Trolls 135pts
- Here the gibbering really comes through, as I'll be using Spawn of Chaos as trolls. I think the rules for the trolls are good representations for the spawn as well, and now I can use all of my models.

Rare ------------------- 140pts
Warshrine, Mark of Slaanesh 140pts
- Converted chariot, with marauders and a spawn. Bad thing about this one is that it should be dedicated to "Papa Nurgle", but the points ran out. Well, a shrine to Nurgle shouldn't panic anyways. Hmmf.

Total: 2492pts

Gaming-wise I'll be using the infantry and monsters on one flank, with the warriors in the middle and supported on their flanks by the monsters and marauders. The shrine will be bunkering behind the main-line and throw gifts on the warrior-units.
The Knights and Horsemen will join forces on one far flank, and try to circle and break the weakest points of the army and later meet up with the footmen to rout the enemy stragglers.
The hounds... Hmm... They'll probably screen the warriors from those angry bolts and arrows.

So, what do you think? Is it playable, and true to the theme? As I said earlier in the post; I'm more than open to discuss the matter, to throw about ideas and talk about the golden age where every one was expected to have a tentacle!

// Schultz

24-06-2010, 18:31
I like the great weapon/helm combo, but make him BSB so he can reroll his stupidity.
MoN seems pointless to me...if he is in a unit he already gets LOS, so against shooting it doesn't help...in cc WS3 is already hitting on 5 and WS4 is still hitting on 4, so it doesn't help unless if you are facing a WS 7 or 8. I think I'd use MoT to give him a 3+5++ in cc or MoK for another S7 attack.

The Sorcerers make sense to me and I like how you equipped them.

Marauders are supposed to be amazing in horde formation with MoK and GW.

I like the variety in the list, I wouldn't change the model types, but would consider equipping/marking units differently.

Good luck!

immortal git
24-06-2010, 18:49
ive played a game with 30 marauders with khorne gw, yeah its amazing.