View Full Version : My First go at 2250 Lizards of 8th

24-06-2010, 14:59
I thought i'd make a fun themed hord skink army since now they have a 6+ ward in their blocks, also i thought it would be a fun and fluffy list to run, kinda like an all night gobo list.

250-Tehenhauin, Prophet of Sotek (beast)

150-Skink Priest, Chuq'Qu'Itt (Heavens)
-Diadem of Power, Dispel Scroll

117-Skink Chief, Korgor
-Sacred Stegadon Helm
-Light Armour, Shield, Javelin

105-Skink Chief, Xa'Huan
-Dagger of Sotek, Enchanted Shield
-Ligh Armor, Javelin

-3 units of 50 (10x5) w/champ and banner

140-Skink Skirmishers
-2 units of 10

120-Chameleon Skinks
-1 unit of 10 Chameleon Skinks

120-Terradon Riders
-4 Terradon Riders

450-Salamander Hunting Packs
-2 units of 3 salamander packs, no extra handlers

think that would be fun to play both with and against?

Lotl Botl
25-06-2010, 04:09
Why no krox, if your going to run huge skink blocks anyways, throw kroxigors in them, considering they are for lack of a better word, absurd now, (didn't mean to rhyme) with theri ability to fight in two ranks plush extra stomp attacks.

25-06-2010, 05:54
How is this army going to win any games?

Skinks have no hitting power at s3, and they are t2 with low ws so die a lot.

Do you really own 200 skinks?

weak magic
no cc ability
some shooting but not much

26-06-2010, 17:16
Lotl: i get what your saying, i could trade in the sallies for kroxies. what do you think max em out or only like 2 per block?

Vsurma: i said i wanted to make it as a themed fun list to play, like an all night goblin army, its fluffy in that it is the host of sotek, and the skinks have a 6+/6+ save in cc so now at least they actually get a save no matter the outcome, pluss they can stand and shoot no matter the distance thanks to javelins.

the other reason for this list is there are alot of skaven players arround my stores and not only dose this come with set magic lists but the whole army has hatred towards skaven. I dont plan to win any games, i plan to have a fun time running arround as squishy skinks and causing havok where ever a poisoned weapon may land..