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24-06-2010, 16:15
Hi Guys.

My best Warhammer moment was a game in 5ed. It was a 4 players game in 3000pts per players with victory points. I played chaos and the battle was really bloody, in the last turn I had only one model on the table my Lord sorcerer of Tzeentch who used black magic. I was the last player to play and I cast the most powerful spell of black magic (if only I can remember its name:D) on the High Elf general who died with several other elves:evilgrin:.
In the panic wave that followed half on the high elf army fled giving me enough victory points to win the game with only one model left.

This is my best moment, followed by a victory in challenge with a knight of the realm champion against a dwarf lord in 7ed.

And you guys? what is your best moment?

24-06-2010, 16:29
second to last game I played, my WoC vs my mate's vamps

I get the first turn, shove everything forward, magic phase. I've got a level 2 and a level 4 daemon prince, both tzeentch. usual tactic - flickering fires with the lvl 2 to draw out dispel dice, cast it on his black coach because I hate it haha. he decides to let it go, knowing it's my usual tactic. I roll double sixes, 7 hits, strength 7. goodbye black coach ahaha. best opening spell ever.

24-06-2010, 16:38
I can top that as an opening spell!

Also playing as chaos, 3k game against VC, I go 2nd. Archaon double 6'd gateway on 3 dice, targeted at opponents deathstar graveguard-combat lord vamp, BSB 34 odd graveguard with regen banner and 4+ward against shooting etc... roll for hits...4, ********, nevermind, only turn one, but then roll for strength, 11! bye bye.
He gave up start of his turn 3

I also beat a chaos exalted in a challenge over 2 rounds...with TECLIS!!!

24-06-2010, 16:40
ouch haha

reminds me of the time my dark elf reaper bolt throwers killed my mate's vamp lord in the opening turn before he'd even moved. we decided to start the game again haha
edit: to be fair my mate was new to vamps and the lord wasn't very well protected

24-06-2010, 16:52
My favorite warhammer moment was my second game just after the Albion campain was starting back in 6th edition.

My friend was convinced that the night goblin horde army was as good as rumored on certain messageboards so he borrowed a whole mess of them and I played his dwarf army. He got the first turn of the game, and during his first magic phase his lv4 goblin shaman miscast and head exploded, killing enough of the NGs in the unit to cause them to rout off the table. This also caused three more large NG units to panic and route of the table. He lost about 2/3rds of his army before I even got my first turn!

Needless to say he saw the error of online theory-hammer.

24-06-2010, 17:21
My first game against demons with my O&G. Unit of wolf riders set up to flank charge a unit of bloodletters. Combined with the big unit if Night Goblins ready for a front charge. My opponent decides he does not want them breaking ranks and so charges them with his Herald on Jugger.

My Wolf riders pass their fear test. Using their own leadership i must add. They decide to stand and shoot. You guessed it they killed the herald. Had them run off down the board to safety after that. Just could not let them die after such a comical result. :angel:

24-06-2010, 17:23
My first game (ever) of fantasy, dwarves vs. night elves. I charged a unit of his cav, they fled. I moved right into his hydra, who lost combat and fled. I then ran the hydra down. It did bring hysterical laughter from the observers as the stunties ran 10" and to overrun the hydra.

24-06-2010, 17:29
Unit of gnoblars defeating a tooled up Chaos hero.

24-06-2010, 17:45
friend playing empire, me playing vampire counts, i summon some zombie's right in front of his empire knights, that he wanted to charge my hero with, he now attacks the unit of zombies, he kill's all but one, i hit back, and the zombie kill's a knight, it changed my whole perspective of zombie's :D
And also a couple of snotlings, charging a dragon ogre shagot, they dealt no wouds but they held the shagot busy for a turn or 2 :evilgrin:

24-06-2010, 18:02
I recon mine trumps all the above :)

When, facing my mate's undead back in 5th edition, yet again expecting a defeat as his Nagash army was almost invincible. On turn one, he teleported Nagash on to my right flank almost on top of my High Elf sorceress who was sat atop her unicorn. I gulped knowing full well that that single invincible model would just roll down my flank once he finished with her. However, as it was now my turn in the magic phase I managed to cast the purple orb thingy spell that I don’t remember the name of, the one in the Amethyst school. Well Nagash had to pass an armour test which was next to impossible but he failed. Hah, half of the undead army crumbled away. As it was such a large battle, my mate also had Arkhan the black. I whooped for joy but then remembered that Arkhan was almost next to impossible to kill on his over sized gigantic chariot. Hehe, unfortunately for him though every High Elf with a bow (and there were lots of them) and my 2 bolt throwers took aim. He died in that moment and the rest of the army bar one vampire and one unit of zombies disapeared. Not a single High Elf either lost a life nor moved and it was still turn one; I hadn't even had a turn yet! The one and only time I beat that mighty Nagash army. Not even Tyrion and Teclis combined could seem to beat him.

24-06-2010, 18:33
wizbix wrote:
I managed to cast the purple orb thingy spell that I don’t remember the name of, the one in the Amethyst school.

That would be the Purple Sun of Zeon(SP?)

Mine was helping my friend with his Dwarf Army against the Wood Elf’s I had control of a dwarf bolt thrower all tooled up with runes....shot at 1 tree man as 2 were approaching....one shot and the tree man went up like a matchstick when the other one saw what happened took off running for the woods and didn't make it as I had time to do another shot turning him into a pile of ash also the bolt thrower had the 1 rune of burning & 2 runes of strength on it...:eek:

Hrokka `Eadsplitter
24-06-2010, 18:43
My sharpshooter killing my cousins bigboss first turn:D

24-06-2010, 18:45
I can top that as an opening spell!

Also playing as chaos, 3k game against VC, I go 2nd. Archaon double 6'd gateway on 3 dice, targeted at opponents deathstar graveguard-combat lord vamp, BSB 34 odd graveguard with regen banner and 4+ward against shooting etc... roll for hits...4, ********, nevermind, only turn one, but then roll for strength, 11! bye bye.
He gave up start of his turn 3

I also beat a chaos exalted in a challenge over 2 rounds...with TECLIS!!!

Excellent, a game of one-upsmanship!

In a game of 4th edition, 6K of my Hordes of Chaos v 6K of Undead led by Nagash. On the top of turn one, after like two hours spent deploying, I cast Chaos Spawn with Total Power (the card-based magic system) on Nagash. He failed his toughness test, turned to a spawn and like 4000 points of his army crumbled due to the Undead general dying. Pure win.

Needless to say, game over. We re-set and played again. Don't remember anything about the rematch...

24-06-2010, 19:57
I once played a game with my vampire counts against an empire player where I found myself in dire trouble near the end of the game.

I had lost a couple of my lesser vampires along with their entire units on the middle front line while Konrad was running rampant off on the right flank killing a block of lesser empire troops, my general had lost his blood knight bodyguard to a big block of empire flagelents! on the left flank due to awesome rolling on the empire player's part and horrible rolling on my own part. After losing his bodyguard on the previous turn, my mounted vampire general overran a mortar crew and went off the board.

The final turn my opponent sees his big block of troops accompanied by his army general and i believe it was Ludwig Schwarzhelm wipe out the last of my troops in the center of my line.

At any rate, my general came back onto the board in my final turn and I was able to dance him into combat on the flank of that unit with Ludwig and put maximum wounds down. My opponent rolled horrible leadership and his unit fled, I pursued with my mounted vampire lord/general and wiped them out, thus winning me the game.

It was epic to be on the verge of a loss and then rebound so quickly all due to a "hail mary" by my general, and really cemented my belief in vanhel's as a must-have tool for any vampire general.

24-06-2010, 20:08
What is funny is that almost all the post are chaos or undead:D.

Another great moment (not for me) was when my chaos lord of Tzeentch all tooled for 6ed fled, failed to rally and turn into a spawn thanks to the eye of gods (the 4++ magic item) the second turn. In the same turn I suffer a Comet of Cassandora right into my army with incredible rolls from my friend.

Table turn 3:D.

24-06-2010, 20:34

6th edition.. (if i remember correctly, minds going as i approach the big 4 0)

my opponent declares a charge with Archaon and his unit of 5 knights against my block of 30 night goblins (flanked by 2 other units of night goblins) 6 fanatics later Archaon, now alone and on foot, completes his charge, spoons his attacks and loses on combat res (the night gobbos failing to hit him). He then flees, only to be run down by them. 1/4 of my opponents army dead in his own turn 2. I did chortle and still remember this whenever the gobbos are fleeing, brightens the day.

Hrogoff the Destructor
24-06-2010, 21:13
4. I black tongued/infernal puppeted a Vampire Lord straight into the warp my very first game using the combo.

3. I had an empire mage beat up Queek (using VHS of course!)

2. I had saurus squad beat up a large unit of goblins. Granted, it wasn't much of an accomplishment, but what happened next was quite interesting.

We figured combat res and rolled the break check for the goblins. Naturally they fleed and instantly I chose to pursue rolling my two dice.

Snake eyes! We both started laughing.

My opponent took his two dice and rolled for his fleeing goblins: Snake eyes! We were laughing for nearly 3 minutes straight.

And my all time favorite:

1. I had a rather beastily Templar Grand Master in a units of Knights get torn to shreds by jezzails. However, the Grand Master managed to survive with one wound left and had just managed to make it into base to base contact with jezzails.

11 inches away was a large unit of storm vermin with Queek inside. This massive unit was a prime target for my helstorm rocket battery. You can take a wild guess what happened next.

The helstorm rocket batteries shot scattered 11 inches towards my lord. While it touched his base, it was only a partial. But, as fate would have it, it affected his model, wounding him, and killing him. It was so hilarious, but oh so painful, all at the same time. All that effort his spent getting shot up, only to be killed by my own hand.

24-06-2010, 21:19
hmm one of my best moments was playing against skaven with my tomb kings. His plauge monks charged my skeleton warriors. My skellies made all their saves, killed about 3 monks. The monks panic I pursue and kill them all! =D

Desert Rain
24-06-2010, 21:32
A funny moment I had once was when I used my lizardmen army against a dwarf army back in 6th. On turn 2 my lord on carnosaur caused a terror test on the dwarven lord's iron breakers, which they failed. A couple of warriors unit that were nearby also fled along with all warmachine crews and a unit of crossbowmen. In my shooting and magic phase I destroyed a unit of thunderers leaving him with a single unit of slayers when it was his turn 2.

24-06-2010, 21:33
6th Ed. Skavenslaves beating 4 Ironguts (on the charge), chasing them down and wiping them out.

8th Ed. 3 Chameleons charging and destroying 23 Dark Elf Spearmen and a Lvl 4 Sorceress in Turn 2.

25-06-2010, 02:04
The one that stand out the most for me is a unit of khorne knights with a hero on a jugger charging my grave guard with my vamp general.
First round of combat champ dies a horrible death, second so does my vamp. Third round the champ gets IONed and I get a lucky Van Hels off, so champ goes first in challenge, 2 hits killing blows for revenge.

I lost horribly in the end, but it was a nice small bit of a comeback the champ really didnt like dying so he came back again for revenge.