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24-06-2010, 16:35
Hi i Have the last tourney of 7th edition this sunday.

I was wondering what to play it with since i like both my armies, daemos and lizards.

I have had success with both armies winning other tournaments with them so i dont really know which to use.

True is in other tournament once i made it to quarter finals i just had to get a narrow with to keep on going but now is a one day tourney so I have to go for masacers so i dont really know which one to take.

Here are both list roughly which one you guys like better?


-Bloodthister, hate, S7, obsidian
-The mask
-Tzeentz heral, all lores, dispell scroll
- Nurgle Herald, BSB, standard of sundering.

-14 Plaguebearers
-10 Horrors
-10 Horrors

-5 Hounds
-3 Blood crushers
-4 flamers


-EotG with dispell, extra espell.
-EotG with wardrums

-10 skink cohors
-10 skink cohors
-12 saurus with spears.

-14 TG

-2 salamanders

Which list do you guys think could do better?

Top opponentes will probably be in between Empire, VC, Teclis HE, or Daemons i know the people playing them and those are the armies they usually go for

24-06-2010, 17:54
Deamon one is better.

Might I suggest however that you try an army that uses more bait and flee (movement tactics) since soon it won't be an option.

24-06-2010, 18:40
the only army i have for that is Wood elves, which im not likely to play if I wanna go for the win, and lizzards with more skinks, i could drop one engine for that job.

26-06-2010, 03:39
up, some income? game is on sunday

26-06-2010, 03:42
After reading those army lists all I can say is, "Can't wait for 8th edition."

26-06-2010, 14:28
Why aren't you optomizing the lists is my question? Are you lacking models the models to do so? I mean drop the blood crushers and one of the heros for deamons and take the siren song and more/larger units of hounds. With the Lizardmen army, drop the slamanders, a unit of cohorts and the saurus. Then add in some blowpipe skinks and terradons.

As for Jericho, I agree, I would never play those lists in a pick up game. If someone tried running those lists, I just pick my models up and leave. But as this is the last 7th ed tournament he's likely to go do, I understand the desire to run a powerlist one final time.

26-06-2010, 21:47
yea, but which hero to drop?

Masque is a no, we all know its great, plus multicharges with the thister to accept challenges so the thister can hit the unit.

Herald of nurgle is also a no, is what gives that unit what it need plus the standard is great.

So the tzeentz herald?

its hard to fit the sirensong in, and I do really like it.

28-06-2010, 17:39
finally played the daemon list, and won the tourney :D

1st game vs empire-

2nd game vs Skaven, damm i hate those guys, he had over 200 models on the table my thister killed HPA, ĄDoom weel and his Seer, but even though killing everything importants its so hard to get points against this guys.

3 Dark elves with 2 hydras and couple of CoK, i had some trouble due to really bad rolls on the first 3 turns, my plaguebearer will not save a single wound, luckily last 3 turn everything went well and the games changed ways.