View Full Version : Is this the Greatest Star Wars spoof ever?

26-05-2005, 19:48
I think so!

By the way, I just looted this from The Waaagh! in case you're interested how I found it.

Here's the link:

STAR WARS: EPISODE III: A LOST HOPE (http://www.kontraband.com/show/show.asp?ID=2157&NEXTID=0&PREVID=2159&DISPLAYORDER=20050329182826&CAT=movies&NSFW=0&page=3)

Salty :)

26-05-2005, 20:39
I agree, very funny!

Hideous Loon
26-05-2005, 20:39
"This is a battle station. I call it...The Sphere of Fear!" Good stuff, and it's good to see the abominable Jar Jar Binks die as well.

26-05-2005, 20:51
dunno.. i have only seen http://www.zds.cz/images/f2446.jpg
and this.. it starts and ends pretty funny but i think it is just so random...

26-05-2005, 21:01

Wow, Anakin has better acting than in the movie!

26-05-2005, 21:03
I was in stiches over the Emperor/Vader brainstorming names for the Death Star. Sphere O Fear was my favourite!

26-05-2005, 21:05

Bring on the Death Mellon!

26-05-2005, 22:27
Lol that was hilarious!

The guy who played Anakin... he tried to make out the the hissy fits were 'camp' in nature rather than childish outbursts...

26-05-2005, 22:47
It's definitely one of my favorites. It's been on my computer for quite a while now, but I never get tired of watching it.

26-05-2005, 22:50
Ahh, but has anyone seen that 'Revelations' Star Wars mini film? It apparently cost $20,000 and won praise from George himself. It tries to be serious but just turns out to be a film where you laugh at the actors for being such sad fanboys.

Having said that, they would probably laugh at us lot for being sad GW fanboys

27-05-2005, 01:15

Troops, Tatooine section of New Hope done from the point of view of the Storm Troopers in the style of Cops. Nice.

grizzly ruin
27-05-2005, 08:17

27-05-2005, 08:30
"I thought you'd be better..."
"And I thought you'd be taller."

That was, IMO, one of the best lines. Hilarious. :D

27-05-2005, 12:13
"a boobie?"

lol, cracks me up every time :D

Glad to see I'm not the only one you finds it funny... although StoreWars and the Storm Trooper one were both classic too!

Salty :)

27-05-2005, 13:31
that tatoine one is superb..

27-05-2005, 15:55
Those are all brilliant. Does anyone have anymore?

You guys are now my main source of comedy, in that laugh with not laugh at way.


27-05-2005, 20:09
"Giant hurtball"... :p

27-05-2005, 21:05
if anyone is intersted this is the toorent for revalations: http://www.torrentspy.com/search.asp?mode=torrentdetails&id=295790
be aware though that this is a 7gb download so you better not have any d/l limits on your broad band and be happy with leaving you pc on overnight a lot

27-05-2005, 21:53
Before I download all that what is Star Wars Revelations?

27-05-2005, 22:29
hmm, aren't the Star Wars guys going nuts about Bit Torrents being used to distribute illegal Star Wars stuff?

Salty :)

Rabid Bunny 666
27-05-2005, 22:49
who cares :D

store wars was cool, but the other one

"its here in crayon"

that deserves Sighood

27-05-2005, 23:05
not working for me:(

28-05-2005, 10:17
yar they are.. revalations is a fan film that cost them $20,000 dollars to make.. somone mentioned it on page 1. don't worry tis legit

28-05-2005, 10:28
lol, if anything deserves sighood then its "Well, you are quite the poo poo head..."

If its nice and legit then I'll download Revelations, but if its not... I don't want Lucas and a bunch of Stormtroopers kicking my ass!

Salty :)

Jaq Draco
31-05-2005, 05:48
Does anyone remember the Star Wars in 30 seconds, sound file from a few years ago, released just at the time of Phatom Menace

The boyz
31-05-2005, 14:45
Hahahahahahaha that is quality.