View Full Version : Question about color of BA honor guard

26-06-2010, 09:19
I'm very confuse about color of BA honor guard.
what is the real color of this units? Gold or red armour with gold helm ?
because in the BA codex there are 2 colors of it. which one is the general color?

Lord Damocles
26-06-2010, 09:41
Prior to the 4th edition codex Honour Guard were always red with golden helmets.

The 4th edition codex introduced the pure gold Gurad (Dante's personal Honour Guard). This clashes with information given in Deus Encarmine/Deus Snaguinius where it is noted that golden armour is an honour reserved for Dante (and one would presume Captians/Lords as they've previously been shown with pure gold armour).

The 5th edition codex changes things seemingly for the sake of it. Now all power armoured veterans have red armour with gold helmets (as opposed to red with yellow as in the two preceeding previous codexes), and the Sanguinary Guard (a different organisation entirely to Honour Guard) all have golden armour.

It would seem to me, that golden armour being for Lords only has been retconned (one of the faster retcons...), and that Dante's Honour Guard have golden sculpted armour similar to that worn by the Sanguinary Guard.
Standard colour scheme still seems to be red with gold.

Personally, I still do Honour Guard in red with golden helmets, and veterans red with yellow helmets.