View Full Version : plz rate my bros 1500 wood elf list

dark angel
25-02-2006, 14:25

me and my brother have been playing 40k 4 over a year now so we decided to transfer to fantasy.ive been collecting ogres for 3 months now and have 3000 points but havent had a game.so my bro is starting wood elves and we are going to learn together so here is his 1500 point training list...

noble,light armour,great weapon,briarsheath,
asyendis bane,100 points

spell singer,LvL 2,despell scroll,150 points

10 scouts,170 points,

14 glade guard,full command,192 points

16 glade guard,full command,216 points

8 glade riders,full command,228 points

12 dryads,branch nymph,156 points

3 warhawk riders,wind rider,140 points

6 waywatchers,shadow sentinel,152 points

total 1504 points

also what do you think he should get for the next 500 points

PS thanks in advance

the guys at GW wont answer

Your Mum Rang
25-02-2006, 14:47
Well. The list is okay but most people would say it has too many Glade Guard. If you can, take 2x12 Glade Guard and drop the scouts.. Never take command on Glade Guard.

I would advise him to buy another box of Dryads so he can ahve 3 units of 8. Then 9 Wardancers would go well. Also some Wild Riders. These all add some hard-hitting elements to the list.

Also buy another box of Glade Riders and have 2 units of 5 and then convert the remaining 5/6 into Wild Riders. Cheap and relatively easy.

I'd go for a list like this:

Highborn: Atler Kindred, Great Weapon, Amber Pendant, Hail of Doom Arrow, Helm of the Hunt, 244 points

spell singer,LvL 2,despell scroll,175 points (Your points were wrong)
Branchwraith, lvl 1, Cluster of Dariants 140 points

12 glade guard, 144 points
12 glade guard, 144 points

5 Glade Riders, musician, 129 points
5 Glade Riders, musician, 129 points

8 Dryads, 96 points
8 Dryads, 96 points
8 Dryads, 96 points

9 Wardancers, 162 points
5 Wild Riders, 130 points
3 warhawk riders 120 points

6 waywatchers 144 points
Great Eagle, 50 points

This is a nice, fast list with all the elements you need to win. Good magic defense and a deadly highborn (he has 5 WS8, S6 attacks on the charge and due to initiative will mainly strike first and has that fast-cav or skirmisher killing hail of doom arrow). I think it could do very well!