View Full Version : 1500 Dwarf list, balanced, need critique. thanks

25-02-2006, 15:19
Hey guys, here's a 1500 point list I've been toying with building. As I'm a pretty new fantasy player I appreciate all the advice you can give me.

Thane (Great weapon, shield, gromril armour with rune of stone and preservation, runic horn with master rune of dismay):116 pts.
(joins Ironbreakers)

Master Engineer (Great Weapon, dwarf handgun): 84 pts.
(joins 1st bolt thrower)

16 Warriors (shields, full command group): 169 pts.

16 Longbeards (shields, full command group): 217 pts.

12 Warriors (Great weapons, full command group): 145 pts.

12 Thunderers (shields, musician): 185 pts.

15 Ironbreakers (musician, standard with rune of stoicism): 238 pts.

Bolt thrower: 45 pts.

Bolt thrower (engineer): 60 pts.

Grudge thrower (engineer, rune of accuracy): 120 pts.

Organ gun (entrenched): 120 pts.

Army total: 1499 pts.

Tormentor of Slaanesh
25-02-2006, 15:26
indeed this is balanced. you may be out manouvered though, you only have 1 missle unit to hold 1 flank, war machines can't hold flanks, though you could with the organ gun. What would your deployment? Is the rune of dismay worth it in a small army?
none of you units are that big, maybe get rid of a bolt thrower and bring the shield warriors and longbeards to 20.