View Full Version : 2500 GBS/Doombull Tag Team Extravaganza

26-06-2010, 19:56
My local GW is running a small league in the next week, and this is the list I've chalked up in the meantime. The league is pretty flexible - we're allowed to change lists between games and proxy models - but I thought I'd get the opinions of any who are interested in commenting.

I would've liked to run a Cygor in the list, and I can squeeze one in if I drop the three bait units (the raiders and pooches) along with the level 2 shaman. The list is pretty hordey, but as we all know S3 can only go so far...

Great-Bray Shaman lvl3 w/Uncanny Senses, Slug Skin, Hunting Spear, and Jagged Dagger. 300pts *Shadow*

Doombull w/Trollhide and Axes of Khorgor. 325pts

Wargor BSB w/HA, shield, Sword of Might, Gnarled Hide, and Ramhorn Helm. 166pts

Bray Shaman lvl2 w/scroll 135pts *Beasts*

Tuskgor Chariot 80pts
25x gors w/AHWs and FC 225pts
18x gors w/AHWs and sb/mus 159pts
30x ungors w/spears FC 195pts
30x ungors w/FC 165pts
5x raiders 30pts
5x raiders 30pts
5x warhounds 30pts

6x centigors w/sb/mus and throwing axes. 183pts
4x minotaurs w/GWs and mus. 262pts
5x scouting harpies 70pts
Razorgor Chariot 145pts

26-06-2010, 20:15
I would prefer 3 Razorgors over a Razorgor chariot.