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26-06-2010, 20:42
So I've now had the opportunity to look through the 8th BRB and have come up with this for my 2000pts list, although I have the feeling that our regular points is going to go up to around 2500pts, as a pitched battle now takes far less time to complete. Explanation for choices below list:

Archmage - Level 4, Skeinsliver, Book of Ashur (+1 to cast and dispel)
Mage - Level 2, Seerstaff, Gem of Courage
Moble - BSB, GW, AoCaledor, Guardian Phoenix

20 Spearelves - Full Command
20 LSG - Full Command, Banner of the Eternal Flame
15 Phoenix Guard - Full Command, Standard of Blades
5 Dragon Princes - Full Command

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers
2 Great Eagles

TOTAL - 1998pts.

Magic has been 'proper sorted out' for the better, IMHO and I intend to capitalise. The Archmage with the Book of Ashur gives me +5 to his casting attempts, and +6 to my dispel attempts, when coupled with the HE's innate dispel bonus. This is just downright brutal. He is accompanied by the BSB, who is now a vital part of ANY list given that you re-roll ANY leadership tests if you are within 12" of him. The Armour of Caledor/GPHoenix makes him survivable and the GW gives him killability (hello, higher initiative). The level 2 mage is an efficient beast, able to select exactly the spells I need, and capitalising again on the HE's Mage's ability to choose ANY lore. The gem of courage gives the unit he goes with a better chance of consistency.

Onto the core, and I have two nice blocks - one of standard spearmen as they are tried and tested, and one of the new boys, as they will utilise a free reform to go from archers in a 10x2 formation, to fighting-in-four-ranks spearmen in 5x4 with flaming shots and attacks. And its still min core.

Specials are a no brainer - Phoenix guard have gotten so much more better whilst Lions/Swordmasters are a little less effective. The PG will be a bunker for the Archmage and BSB, and thanks to the banner have S4, Armour-piercing halberds. Nice. Couple that with a few of the spells from Lore of Metal, particularly the one that PERMANENTLY reduces an enemy unit's armour save by one and I'm dancing. Dragon Princes are there for some flanking cavalry and now with re-rolls, hit much much harder.

Finally, though the combining of a warmachine with its crew in terms of statlines makes RBT's weaker, they are still a versatile option, and will now be targeting archers and gunners primarily as a support platform, leaving the heavy stuff to my LSG, DP and PG. The great Eagles will come into their own in this format and are no brainers - march blocking, redirecting, flee reactions and warmachine hunting. You'll see.

Anyway, thoughts?


26-06-2010, 20:45
p.s. Instant combos I can see for the support Mage would be taking Lore of Life (which has now gone from worst to first in my books) and select Throne of Vines and Flesh to Stone. Toughness 7 Elves, anyone?

27-06-2010, 07:35
I have always thought giving an Archmage the silver wand is the better option, and i am going to be using mine with life, the synergy of that lore is amazing. The level 2 is solid, could consider the dispel scroll as magic is going to be nasty after the 10th.

I'm thinking about having 2 Archmages both level 4 one wand one seerstaff, just fits into 2250 and means i get more choice with spells (second mage would be using death/shadow/high depending on how playtesting goes.)

Not sold on sea guard yet, 4 points a model for a bow shot is OK but I'm thinking 3 units of 20 spears over 2 of 20 sea guard, tougher to kill.

27-06-2010, 08:34
Im usually not a fan of nobles personally. If I am going high elves every character I get usually is going to be a caster. I like to play a more defensive range/mage style of play tho.

27-06-2010, 10:00
Silver Wand on the Archmage is certainly an appealing and even-more-cost-efficient way of getting those spells you want - especially with the new way you select spells, my Archmage would have a pretty good chance of getting the ones I wanted. Say I roll 5 dice for him and get 1,3,4,4 and 6. I've can take the double I rolled and simply choose one spell I want that I don't already have.

The BSB however is staying, given the fact that he now allows units within 12" to re-roll ANY leadership test they need to make - thats Break, Panic, Leadership, Morale, Fear, Terror, the list goes on. That fact alone, coupled with the general all-round high leadership of the Elves means your force has suddenly got a whole lot more reliable.


27-06-2010, 14:55
i'm not against having 2 eagles, although the new rule for marchblocking being that they can make a leadership test to still march makes it a lot harder to marchblock. Basicaly you cant manuver yourself thinking you know exactly how far that unit is going to march since they may still make that test, or you might think they are going to make it(so you kept back further) and they failed. I always hate having to rely on randomness like that.