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27-06-2010, 16:15
I've not played Fantasy in years, but with the excitement of 8th I'm drawing up a few lists for a Nurgle themed WoC force.

Would you mind offering me some advice: which of the following two builds do you prefer, and why?

1) This is more a fluff build:

Lord - Mk Nurgle, Daemonic Steed, Skinhidden Plate, Shield, Glaive of Putrefaction

Sorcerer - Mark Nurgle, Lvl 2, Spell Familiar, Infernal Puppet, Stream of Corruption
Sorcerer - Lvl 2, Dispel Scroll, Death's Head

2) Magic shenanigans build:

Lord - Mk Nurgl, Chaos Steed, Skinhidden Plate, Glaive of Putrefaction

Sorcerer - Mark Nurgle, Lvl 2, Book of Secrets, Dispel Scroll
Sorcerer - Infernal Puppet
Sorcerer - Black Tongue

Any thoughts?

27-06-2010, 16:23
Any thoughts?

How about you give us the list you are trying to cram these heroes into?

27-06-2010, 16:35
The rest of the list I'm happy with, tbh, I just wanted thought on the pros and cons of each build above; or is that really not possible without seeing the rest of the army?

27-06-2010, 17:10
Well, I think gthe second build is more competitive, if only for the black tongue-infernal puppet combo... but as Kalec said, a character build can be very competitive with some lists while being crap with others, so if you write the whole list people will be able to help you better...

27-06-2010, 17:24
Personally I would say neither. For 8th you can cut your characters right down in order to get more troops in, especially for WOC. Your character setups look more 7th than 8th edition IMO.

27-06-2010, 23:28
Your first setup is illegal, the Spell Familiar and the Infernal Puppet are both arcane items. Funny, I see that mistake every other day.