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27-06-2010, 18:37

Night Goblin Great Shaman: Lvl 4, staff of sneaky stealing:235

Night Goblin Big Boss: BSB, light armour, Wollapas One Hit Wunda: 72

60 Night Goblins: shields, netters, full command, 3 fanatics: 370

60 Night Goblins: shields, netters, full command, 3 fanatics: 370

60 Night Goblins: shields, netters, full command, 3 fanatics: 370

10 Squig Hoppas

10 Squig Hoppas

10 Squig Hoppas

27-06-2010, 18:52
Units of 10 squig hoppers will not live very long in 8th. They will almost always strike last, there are now more attacks in melee ensuring there will be very few left over to return attacks; then they will break.

For the 450 pts pick up a bunch of artillery. 220 pts will get you 2 spear chukkas, a rock lobber, and a doom diver. I'd even get more artillery.

28-06-2010, 15:18
What armies are going to be good with 8th edition?

28-06-2010, 17:35
It would seem shooting heavy lists, and lists with cheap masses of infantry both became very solid. Ogre type infantry also got better. This it would seem lead to armies consisting of strong war machines, infantry shooting, backed by large cheap bricks of troops near a BSB, and a cheap magic defense would probably be the new armies to beat.

I am thinking Empire will be very strong, bringing loads of war machines backed by units of 30 spears with 15 strong detachments of halberds. They could field a lvl 4 wizard, a BSB, and 2 units of these types of infantry, and the rest of the list dedicated to ranged superiority.

I think Skaven will be strong in the same way as Empire (large units of steadfast troops, and good shooting), and OnG got better but IMO only middle of the pack.

I think VC will continue to do very well and while daemons did not get many improvements their units for their cost still seem very strong, regardless of power dice limits making the magic heavy units not as effective in as many numbers.

DE will probably remain top notch as well with high initiative, good magic, decent shooting, and affordable spear elves.

I think wood elves will be near the bottom, TK still need help, Ogres got a lot of improvements but until they remove their books 25+ restrictions will only be middle of the pack (still better then before!)

Dwarf armies I think will do well probably above Ogres and OnG but below the best, while they benefit from all the improvements as Empire do, to really make use of the % system, and to pick up steadfast your units need to be cheap, Dwarfs lists will probably remain similar to current and only benefit mildly from the improvements. So I would guess they end up mid power level.

I think Lizard men will be in a similar boat to Dwarfs, picking up small benefits but not being able to exploit them as heavily as less expensive armies. I feel that Chaos are right around this power level as well, but with no shooting they make up for it by the marauder infantry near a BSB being able to hold down crazy stuff now, while a power house section of the army can go around and do the killing. I would expect to see 2-3 huge units of marauders with a BSB, swamping down a lot of your best units, while the hammer units cut down core infantry over 2-3 turns of combat.

In my opinion the armies with cheap infantry and strong war machines will be the best. personally I would say Empire or Skaven end up being the top tier, with the old top tier right below and still competitive. I just foresee the old top tier eating even more war machine shooting, as they are able to take more with a % system, and they are more effective under current rules. Then when the old top tier finally close in on the foe they run into masses of now stubborn troops, with re rolls from a BSB on all leadership tests, where previously they were not stubborn and did not get re-rolls to anything but break tests. I think we all know how strong re-roll able stubborn can be.

Empire Skaven DE Daemons VC - Top Tier

Chaos Dwarf HE Lizard - Mid Tier

WE Ogre TK - Bottom Tier

Just before anyone flames me this is all my opinion, so agree or disagree with me, but an opinion can't really be wrong as we have yet to see what busted list the tournament scene can come up with or even how many points / what types of scenarios will be played, at the big tournies.

29-06-2010, 07:55
Id definately get more war machines. Night gobo armies need lots of war machines to help kill big targets. I'd drop the squigs even though they are awesome. Id also drop the Night gobo units down a bit to get more units for more fanatics.