View Full Version : Tomb Kings 2250 (7th ed) vs High Elves

27-06-2010, 20:46
Ok so im gonna play my last 7th edition game this week. I'm gonna be up againts a high elf player i dont know very good, so i dont know what hes (probably) gonna field.
This is the list i made:

Tomb King
-Destroyer of Eternities
-Light Armour
-Collar of Shapesh

Tomb Prince
-Light armour
-Flail of Skull

Liche preist
-Cloak o/t dunes
-Hieratic Jar

Liche pries
-2 Dispell scroll

2x10 skellies w/ bows

25 skellies
-light armour

3 chariots
-icon of teh sacred eye

3 chariots

20 tomb guard
-banner of teh undying legion


screaming skull catapult
-skulls of the foe

3 carrion

Please comment:angel:
Also, what should i look out for when fighting HE?

28-06-2010, 12:05
looks alright, but i would get more chariots in instead of the block of skellis though. just so u can work around ASF. good luck

28-06-2010, 13:50
I'd increase the chariot units to 4 strong each. Also I am unsure of the usefullness of a casket against HE. They have high leadership, and their repeater bolt thrower can easily snipe the priest in two volleys not to mention those pesky dragons.
Also a second scorpion would be good as a character assissin and the carrions are better when they are 4 or preferbly 5 so they get US 5.
Vanilla skeletons die against everything the HE army can produce, and as it is right now they are quite expensive with the warbanner. If you can I would try for another block of Tomb Guard instead, you get +1 WS, S, T and Killing Blow for only three more points.