View Full Version : Effigy of Mork + Glittering Scale Armour

27-06-2010, 21:33
I have asked about this in a thread, but I can't find an answer to it so I try again.

Does Effigy of Mork + Glittering Scale Armour stack to -2 to hit?

I have read that someone wrote that all specialrules stacks, but that seems to good to be true!

WS10 weapon and -2 to hit will be hard to hit!

27-06-2010, 22:16
yes it stacks, like all modifiers do
More expensive than Annoyance of Netlings but same result. and not only in challenges.

27-06-2010, 22:37
Great thing to add is that you can get the Gork'll fix it on opponents unit so 6's becomes 1's and you may never be hit :-)