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28-06-2010, 10:57
I'm newish to WHFB, and I've played a few battles with my WoC but I want to start painting them in one colour scheme so they look more united... so my question is, which God is the most competitive?

I know no answer will be exhaustive with 8th just around the corner... but I want to paint up ready for 8th.

I like very much the sound of Tzeentch but the MoT seems wasted imo on warriors and marauders.
MoK sounds hard to control, MoN seems useful and MoS seems useful and cheap too.

28-06-2010, 11:11
Probably Khorne with the supposedly easier to control frenzy, which takes away many of their drawbacks. Plus as you'll see in practically every thread in the board (including this one now!) Khorne Marauders with great weapons is essentially the best horde unit around. And they're really pretty scary. But yeah, I'd say Khorne in 8th... though I don't think many people run mono-god Chaos.

28-06-2010, 11:13
I think they can all be competitive. Khorne is much less uncontrollable now, Tzeentch get a boost if their ward save stacks with the new parry save for shields (and at the moment there's no reson to believe it won't).

Go with what you like most.

28-06-2010, 11:13
I know people don't run mono-god, but i'd like a dominant god in my force so I could paint all the force to their colours... I didn't want for example, green knights + red marauders + purple warriors... i'd rather all red and just say they are MoS not MoK etc etc :) and for the fluff to run smoother i'd rather the colour was the dominant mark.

Thanks for your input though! :)

28-06-2010, 11:24
I don't think slannesh will be TOO important on most units with getting to reroll form a BSB on pysch tests, and terror being nerfed. Tzeench will be awesome for a bunker unit with hw+shield (remember you cant use the shield in cc if you have a special weapon) because they'll get a 3+ armor then a 5+ ward. Khorne can control the charge better, but the rules of step up decrease its effectiveness by 50% because your second rank wont benefit from the frenzy at all(and if you give them sheilds they get no parry bonus). Nurgle gets more important because there will be more shooting flying around(dark elves getting 40 shots from a unit of repeater xbows, sheesh!) and with step up letting them always attack back you want that slight edge to keep your expensive guys from dying.

28-06-2010, 11:31
yeah, I was planning on a slaanesh army myself. but seeing as the necessity for ITP isn't as great as it used to be. But, being immune to panic can be handy and it is the cheapest mark.

being immune to fear/terror is nice since I know I'll be forgetting to make those rolls a lot.

28-06-2010, 11:31
@jamano... So you're suggesting Nurgle? :)

28-06-2010, 11:46
another thing to ask, are you going to go magic heavy or not. That could influence a bit too. Nurgle has a pretty mean lore, but Tzeentch gets the additional +1 to cast and the new system makes it easier to pull of their bigger spells.

28-06-2010, 11:53
I don't know, that's where my inexperience falls me short. :)

28-06-2010, 11:54
You could always go the route of what looks the best, pink/purple, red/black, green/brown, blue/pearl.


My woc are slaanesh because they are more visually pleasing to me, i am however free thinker when it comes to marks, pink khorne warriors dont bother me at all.

28-06-2010, 11:58
My current colors are just like the scheme on the GW website but I don't particularly like them. I'll look into doing another scheme.

28-06-2010, 12:01
Mono God I'd suggest Tzeentch. Best magic of all the chaos lores and easier to cast now. Even with the rulebook lores getting a big boost gateway and pandemonium are still excellent spells, treason of Tzeentch may be a lot better if people start bringing bigger units (and higher strength units). Disks are also excellent and also means you need not fear the miscast table as much. 3+ ward save is also very cool, as is the 4+ LOS near cavalry.

For units:
For warriors Tzeentch is the second best mark- hw+sh warriors are the best anvil. They don't kill as much as Khorne with halberd but they will last a lot better. Some of the super heavy cavalry in the game can still butcher T4, 4+ warriors well enough (7 wide blood knights with the drakenhoff for example- or 5 wide with a character or two) will kill 12-13 Khorne warriors (after losing a knight, maybe two) and break the typical 18 man unit convincingly. Against a Tzeentch warrior unit they will only kill 8 (1 knight will probably die) and the Tzeentch warriors hold with steadfast. The Tzeentch champion is also better equiped to reduce the damage caused by uber heroes and lords in a challenge.

For Marauders Khorne + GW is by FAR the best mark, but once again Tzeentch comes in second as a survivable block of steadfast rather than a killy unit- 5+save and 5+ ward is pretty solid.

For Knights again Khorne is the best mark although knights are a bit less effective this turn. Tzeentch Knights with blasted banner are a lot more survivable against war machines though. Tzeentch knights with banner of rage are a bit more survivable than Khorne knights and may in fact hit harder (Khorne frenzy no longer translates to the steeds but the banner of rage stated the "unit" so the steeds will probably be frenzied as well- at least it looks that way to me).

Overall Khorne has the best troops IMO but weaker characters whilst Tzeentch doesn't really have any weaknesses even if the troops aren't as killy.

28-06-2010, 12:02
well I'd say nurgle- with the amount of caracters going to be around this edition burbosing them down to a wound and then challanging them will be handy- I mean how many people would want to risk fluffing there attack then giving EOTG rolls to champions- never mind there are some very nice spells in there other than that (flat out regeneration- how that is going to work with the vairying regeration levels I don't know), curce of the leaper which is going to hurt huge blocks a lot and give you less to worry about wound wise, though rot glorious rot may suffer (though its going to kill if you roll decently against war mashines now) plus the -1 WS is going to help with the increase of incoming attacks

slannsesh is going to be less usefull due to the BSB new rules, but flankers may want it and well GW armed khone mauders in hoard are going to rearly hurt (40 S5 attacks) while Tzzench becomes even more bunkery due to hopefully having a 5+ ward save in combat, though it might be nerfed if the 2 don't interact

28-06-2010, 13:53
I've voted Khorne, though I don't disagree with any of the posts above.

Couple of points I would make for the OP though.

1. Although I applaud you for wanting to go mono-god for theme's sake, I'd think twice about it if you're bothered about the effectiveness of the army. Some marks work very well on certain units and not on others. As DarkTyranny22 says, Khorne on GW Marauders is great; so you might want to stick with that even though you're going for a Nurgle theme, for eg.

2. If you want to stick with a dominant colour for appearance's sake, but give different units different marks, I would put some thought into it before you start. Not such an issue in friendly games, but you will have a very upset opponent if you paint a unit in the normal colour for a god, then play it as a different mark. eg mark the Marauders Khorne, but paint them yellow or pink. I know that WYSIWYG technically only covers modelling, but in the case of WoC I'd say it should also cover colour schemes. Frankly, letting me charge your yellow/pink marauders then saying 'oh, by the way, they're Frenzied' is pretty much as bad as saying 'oh by the way, those are supposed to be GWs not hand weapons'.

It's obvious you're not trying to do this, I'm just saying bear it in mind.

28-06-2010, 17:06
@teleogica; that's my exact problem.
As it stands, i'm leaning towards Tzeentch but I know I will play my marauders with MoK, I may just paint all units with a Tzeentch theme and paint standards according to the mark I will most likely play (eg, Khorne standard for my marauders)

28-06-2010, 18:14
I think I might pull a U-turn and paint it all Khorne style, after all red is a nice colour! :)

28-06-2010, 22:07
I'd go different tones at least to marke the difference visually to your rival. Easier for gameplay. Or at least paint a mark over ther army or something

29-06-2010, 00:34
If the current, ridiculous errata on the Mark of Nurgle gets overturned, I would cast my vote there. However, as it stands now, Tzeentch edges out all the competition.

Nurgle is overpriced. -1 to hit from shooting is great, but -1 WS on incoming melee attacks is extremely meh. Change it to -1 to hit from all attacks, melee or shooting, and it'll earn its place as the most expensive mark (in my 2000 point mono-Nurgle list I've got 6 units and 2 characters marked; that's 220 points in marks alone!). Nurgle sorcerers are still rockin the best Chaos lore, though.

Khorne is better in 8th due to the increased control over frenzied units, but because the additional attack isn't granted to supporting attacks, it isn't that much killier than the other marks. Also, Khorne can't go on any sorcerers, so if you wanna stay completely fluffy, you're a little screwed there. And while going sans sorcerer may be easier in 8th, it still isn't a very good idea.

Slaanesh is definitely the biggest loser from the 8th changes. Fear and Terror aren't nearly as bad as they used to be, especially with the situational rerolls a BSB can now grant. Also, Slaanesh sorcerers still have an extremely meh spell set, maybe even moreso now in comparison with the new 8th lores.

Tzeentch is useful on everything. Anything with shields? 5+ parry save please. Horde of marauders with great weapons? 6+ save that can (almost) never be removed with the likely potential to save upwards of 25% of incoming wounds. Anything holding the Blasted Standard? 4+ ward in your enemy's much nastier shooting phase, oh yes. Pandemonium? Discs? Yeah, Tzeentch is pretty good.

29-06-2010, 03:49
I agree significantly with geldedgoat. I'll just expand a bit on my thoughts:

I've been building a Tzeentch list for 8th, personally. My one concession to effectiveness is a unit of 40 Khorne Marauders, but I paint all of my Marauders in neutral colors anyway, since color-coded Marauders just seem a bit silly to me. Paint the right symbol on the unit's banner and you're golden, I say. From a fluff standpoint, you can say something like "the warriors are forcing the Marauders to fight for them" or "the sorcerer lord gave the Marauders potions of rage to to fight more effectively" and represent that with MoK in-game.

So yeah, I voted Tzeentch. You have great anvils in Tzeentch Warriors and Marauders. You can have a killy infantry unit in Tzeentch Warriors with halberds, shields and Banner of Rage. You can have a very durable cav unit in Knights with Blasted Standard (feel free to mix and match those banners, of course). I'm planning to use the new Standard of Discipline (+1 Ld, but can't use characters' leadership) on my brick of hw+shield Warriors. You have a solid magic lore and magic defense, and you can take advantage of the new ward save common magic items.

In second place I'd say is Khorne. The new frenzy rules are very helpful, but you still have trouble with magic defense, moreso now that dispel scrolls are limited to one.

Nurgle is okay but spendy. It does nothing for your offense, and while it's a nice defense against shooting, it's pretty lackluster in combat. Great magic though.

With the changes to psychology, particularly the new efficacy of BSBs in mitigating it, Slaanesh becomes a pretty poor mark. At least it's cheap; if I were still running Marauder Horsemen I'd probably still use it on them, but that unit loses out big time in the new edition shuffle.

30-06-2010, 21:33
Thanks everyone for input, I have begin theming my army in a Tzeentch style :) maybe i'll get a few snapshots up when i've got some more to show (just a sorceror and a warrior atm)

30-06-2010, 21:41
Could always go for the undivided look and then give them whatever mark you want.

30-06-2010, 22:22
Yeah I have that now, but I don't really like them, my knights look uncharacteristic and my warriors look bland.

Colour spices them up :)