View Full Version : Dark Elf Cold One Question?

29-06-2010, 14:24
Good afternoon everyone, I wonder could anyone tell me how old the following items are? when were they released?
- Dark Elf Cold One Knights?
- Dark Elf Dreadlord on Cold One?

Furthermore does anyone know what parts the Dreadlord on Col One comes in? What components?

Thanks for your help folks.

Count Zero
29-06-2010, 15:11
i think they came out with the new book, so coming on for 2 years old now? (can't remember for sure)

i know the DL legs are moulded onto the CO in line with the current style GW seem to be going with, but i can't remember the exact break down, i'd guess:

Main CO part
Side CO part
Dread lord torso
dread lord shield.

29-06-2010, 15:43
Yeah both the Dreadlord on Cold one and the Sorceress on Cold One come with

Most of a cold one
The rest of a cold one (it's not just two halfs a leg and a bit of body if I remember right)
Then that leaves a kinda hole in the saddle that the torso pin fits in
Then they come with their weapons

Makes it pretty hard to convert them if that's why you're asking.

29-06-2010, 16:57
Thanks folks, it would appear my concerns have been realised in that the Dreadlord's lower body is part of the cold one, i was hoping to simply mount him a on a plastic cold one, as i prefer their aesthetic.

Looks like, if i undertake a Dark Elf project, i'll be converting a Dreadlord from the plastic kit then :)

Thanks again everyone.

Count Zero
29-06-2010, 17:00
i think with a few extra bits the plastic DE champion that comes with the Coldone kit could make a decent lord, maybe if you can find a cape etc.