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29-06-2010, 16:13
Here's the list, discussion below.


300 - Great Shaman: Level 4, Hagtree Fetish, Talisman of Preservation, Death Magic.
226 - Beastlord: Ogreblade, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Endurance, Heavy Armor.
166 - Wargor: BSB, Sword of Might, Shield, Heavy Armor, Gnarled Hide, Ramhorn Helm.

217 - 25 Gors: XHW, Full Command.
217 - 25 Gors: XHW, Full Command.
63 - 10 Raiders: Shortbows, Musician.
63 - 10 Raiders: Shortbows, Musician.
80 - Chariot.
80 - Chariot.

66 - 6 Harpies.
189 - 3 Minotaurs: Great Weapons.
304 - 22 Bestigor: Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame.

275 - Ghorgon.

Lord - 23%
Hero - 7.4%
Core - 32%
Special - 25%
Rare - 12%

Hagtree - Pick a unit within 24" and then you reroll wounds caused by magic.
Preservation - 4+ ward
Ogreblade - +2 strength hand weapon.
Endurance - 5+ ward
Ramhorn - 6+ armor, every save gives you an attack.
Eternal Flame - Unit gets flaming attacks.
Gnarled Hide - 5+ scaly skin.

As mages don't provide power dice, apart from channeling, I think a level 4 solo is probably going to be enough.. which means I can afford a Beastlord for LD9 and some hitty power. BSB's got a 1+ save and gets an attack every time he makes a save.

Gors and Bestigor are deployed 6x4. Combat chars both go into the Bestigor- assuming eggs meets basket isn't an issue.

With the Minotaurs, I'm not sure they can even break stuff from the front so I may as well allocate them as a support unit/flanker/random problem solver.

Gorgon's LD10 stubborn frenzy 7 attacks... so even if I try to eat guys I'm not gonna break.


edit: points for chariots were correct but noted wrong.

29-06-2010, 20:45
Looks very good.

Something to try.....drop chariots and add 3 more Minotaurs in the next game. See which serves you best. With 2 ranks of Minotaurs you get 18 Great Weapon attacks and 3 Stomps. That may out weigh the Impact hits from your chariots.

29-06-2010, 20:50
agreed, with beastmen, it really is pick and mix for what works best. Ghorgon for a cygor is a good one, more gors instead of ungors etc


29-06-2010, 21:22
cheap rank-breaking ungor spearmen flankers are a nice compliment. It seems due to the loss of Unit Strength, the units you typically hit the front/flank with have reversed [most killy gribblies, like mino's and rare monsters, can't break reliably now without 400+pt units]

MUTATE: I believe you have priced your Tuskgor Chariots incorrectly