View Full Version : help to get a 1k tomb king army

29-06-2010, 20:53
Hey am gonna face 1k points brets on friday a little early i know but stil.

i dunno what to make.

i am gonna get a batalion box tomorrow.
24 warrios (or 22 i dunni)
8 horsemen
3 chariots

and i have since before:
3 chariots
5 swarms
2 bone giants
1 ssc
lich on casket
tomb price
khalida (gonna use her at lich)

i know this is not army atm i have fortogget the rest at my mate i can't fetch ut before next week.
i would love help what to build fro army from this
thx in advance

29-06-2010, 21:06
Well against brets it's all about getting the charge on them or holding when they charge you. Basically the only thing going for them is that first charge.

So either you could put up a block of skeletons, take the charge, and flank, or go the mgic way and send some chariots into his flank with incantations.