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The Inevitable One
29-06-2010, 23:00
After so many weeks thinking about what I should pick for my new army, I have decided to choose Dark Eldar. With the new codex and models on the way, I thought it best that I be introduced to them before it all came out. I was looking at buying the current codex to read up on some rules and fluff to see what they are like and how I can compare the current one with the new one. I was also looking at getting some models for them also just to have a bit of a test play and use them with the newer models.

I was thinking about getting two battleforces for them, so that would amount to:

2 Raiders
40 Warriors
10 Reaver Jetbikes

But I don't know what else to get. I know I need a HQ so I was thinking about getting an Archon. Is that good or bad? Also I was thinking about getting a few extra models such as a Talos and Ravager.

What do you guys think? Also could anyone tell me how their playstyle works?

Thanks in advance

Ba'al Starslayer
29-06-2010, 23:08
Talos is bad, unless it's in a Webway army.
Archons are amazing for their points - Get one!
Your 2nd HQ can be tricky. The support of 3 Haemonculi, or the brutality of a demi-Archon: The Dracon.
Ravagers are THE only general-use Heavy Support choice. Amazing Vehicles.
A sole squad of Wyches is good as a tarpit for Terminators, MegaNobs, etc...

Hope this helps (A bit). I would say more, but I don't have much time to do so.

The Inevitable One
29-06-2010, 23:12
Yeah, it definitely helps out a lot. Thanks very much.

29-06-2010, 23:38
Just curious, why did you choose Dark Eldar? Seems an unusual choice for a new player? I'm new and considering what to start with is why I ask.

The Inevitable One
30-06-2010, 00:05
Well, yes it is an unusual choice for a new player. Most, if not all the new players tend to start with Space Marines, so I felt like going the complete opposite direction by choosing the least popular army, which is apparently Dark Eldar.

30-06-2010, 05:37
Still a good choice.

As to your army: get an Archon and at least 2 Ravagers. The other heavy support units stink a bit and the Ravager is really good.

A couple of Wyches will be helpful, too. Mount most units up in Raiders. And you'll probably never need 10 Reavers, unless the new codex makes them better. I think Reavers work best in groups of 3 with 2 special weapons.