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26-02-2006, 00:53
Now that I am collecting the snobby french I'd appreciate some feedback on this first list. I tried to be balanced. Is it too RAFish?

Bret-lord on pegasus (questing vow --gr wp, shield and gromril helm) -- 211
Paladin on pegasus (questing vow -- gr weapon and shield) -- 124
Level 2 damsel on horse (Mane of Pure bred, Dispell scroll) -- 165
Level 2 damsel on horse (Ruby goblet) -- 145
BSB on warhorse (Grail Vow -- warbanner & Lance)

8 knights of the realm -- (Full command) -- 216
8 questing knights -- (Full command) -- 251
5 grail knights -- (Full command) -- 220
2X10 men at arms -- no command -- 100
12 skirmisher bowmen -- standard/musician -- 98
2X3 Pegasus knights (Champion and musician) -- 175 each.

The damsels and the BSB will stay with the front force. I can interchange these models with any of the knight groups in the center. The pegasus go out to limit the movement of the other army and catch any lone/weak charachter who are not well guarded; as well as war machine/shooting hunting.

The men at arms are kept as innexpensive as possible to allow for some sort of decoys during the deployment phase. The bowmen skirmishers are there to help screen my more expensive units.

Is there anything illegal or cheesy about this?

27-02-2006, 14:17
looks like a semi-flying circus to me.....

I usually don't like giving Grail knights a musician as I don't expect them to run often, their Grail knights!

But Your list looks pretty ok, It seems to be sorta like a flying circus to me, though I prefer to keep my horses on the ground crushing the enemy

Ivan the Terrible
01-03-2006, 02:07
I think that one larger unit of men at arms would work better, their one advantage is their rank bonus. Can you have a lance with your bsb??? The mane of the purebreed is an interesting choice.

01-03-2006, 02:19
I realize that a large unit of 20 men at arms would perform better on the battle field. But I also like to disguise my battle plan at the start of a game by having decoy units. I will have to consider whether this is worth it or not.

I don't see why a BSB can't have a lance, it is not two handed.

The main of the purebread sounds like a good item for a sorceress in a big unit of knights. Having that one extra strength attack (especially at st4) will certainly help with the kills for CR I would think.

The Vorpal One
01-03-2006, 02:25
First off..You don't have to make your Bretts French..They can be any european nation that was it that era..French, English,Spainish and Italian.
Not just the french employed knights or men at arms.

Second..I never been a big fan of the total knight heavy brett armies.

My 2,150 army has 3 blocks of 20 men at arms each in it.

Though, I tried to create a realistic style Brett army.

Ivan the Terrible
01-03-2006, 21:35
Let us know if the mane of the purebreed works for you, I never considered using it.

01-03-2006, 23:49
I will have to experiment by proxy what happens as my army is still in the painting and put together phase. I posted the list to see where I should start in putting my army together. I have some other models and will need to get advice as to which units are better than others.

Theoretically, the mane of the purebread is not to bad at 25 points. You can include a dispell scroll on a damsel in the meantime. Plus, in a large unit of cavalry, especially knights of the realm this could be effective in keeping your target units from fleeing as a charge reaction. The opponent may not believe your unit to be able to cause more wounds. This would also help in killing the character in the front of a huge unit.

Knights of the realm are not that great at charging only with strength 5 (total). You really need to count on your horses to help out. But because these are cheaper units, the cumulative effect of many horses, outnumbering and 2-3 ranks can really make a difference. But if you are going to put it in a unit of 5 grail knights you may not get your monies worth from it.

I suppose that a unit of knights errant may even be better cause they are cheaper still.

Perhaps someone else has had experience with this item?

What I am confused about is the Ruby goblet. The wording of the item looks like:

"This magic item will start to take effect at the end of the first phase during which the bearer or his unit suffers an unsaved wound. From that moment on, the bearer (and any unit he is with_cannot be wounded on better than a 3+ from any non-magical source."

The way it sounds to me, is that you can only wound on a 1 or a 2 on any dice roll. This really seems to be way too powerful for that items cost. Is this the true interpretation? Is there a drawback that I am not seeing?

The Devil's Right Hand
09-03-2006, 19:58
you only have 62 models in this army... i have 60 in my 1k. those grail knights gonna suck up fire, neh? 10 men at arms ain't even gonna be a speed bump for anything.. just a free sweeping advance if they are charged, if not overrun (think chosen wanting to get 8" further...)
make those bows into a block... its cheeper and they can stop charges with their little sticks... not that skirmishers are bad per say, but you don't have a single unit that can take a charge...
peasant command is golden - its really not much cash, and the baddies don't steal your standard... whats wrong with a sacrafice/locking unit with a +1 resolution that can't be stolen? also, men at arms SUCK, so they deserve a unit of 20-24 men. thats more than a speed bump, its a wall (especially with spears......)
mane of the pure breed is badass... when stuck with the errant, nobody expects str bonuses from both the guys and the horses... and it makes sure they break whatever they run at.
yeah the ruby goblet is worded weird, but "wounded on better than 3+" means that hits that wound on a 2+ wound on a 3 instead... only good for cannon balls and great weapons and chariots... the big machies, beasties etc. actually pretty handy... but i wouldn't take it for a cha. thats in a unit smaller than a lance of 12.
and a BSB can only take mundane armor (which he comes with), unless you opt to NOT take a magic banner. it says so under the BSB entry to the right side of the page with the paladin. no lance. and the BSB's purpose is to carry a banner... why wouldn't you?

10-03-2006, 17:11
@The Devil's Right Hand

Since I am new to Bretonians, I am unsure of the percentage of units I should devote to the charge (knights) and to the big ranks. I have looked at several different threads and have taken some suggestions out of them but still lack any experience with this army. Perhaps a second unit of questing knights would be better than the grail company. Also, I think the second character on the pegasus is redundant. What I may do, is switch the grail unit for a second questing unit and use the points on the second pegasus character for a big unit of men at arms. I would also like to beef us my skirmishing bowmen.

I find, and I am a regular Chaos player, that the deployment phase is one of the most critical ones and I like to have a few cheap distractors. Warhounds of chaos are excellent at this, but unfortunately there is nothing so cheap with Bretonians. The best I can do is 10 men at arms for 50 pts.

I suppose that the ruby goblet is a no-go then given the way it is interpreted by most players. I thought something was strange by the wording of it.

I am currently still painting up my last chaos unit (furries) and will go on to bretonians next. It looks like the questing knights are on of the best knights to use as they can withstand longer, prolonged batles with stubborn-type opponents and are a good choice given that they are only special units.

Any more advice, what about mounted yeomen. Worth taking if I already have 2 units of pegasus knights? What about a trebuchet. I have bought one but my put off painting it untill some of my more fundamental units are put together?

Thanks to everyone for their input!!

10-03-2006, 23:37
OK now that I am home from work and now able to put together an army response, here it goes.

Bretonian Lord on Pegasus: Questing vow -- Great weapon, enchanted shield, gromril great helm, Gauntlet of the the Duel, Virtue of confidence. The ultimate hero killer. (256 pts)

BSB -- Virtue of Duty, Warbanner, Questing Vow, Warhorse. (129)

Level 2 Damsel: Dispell scroll and Powerstone on Warhorse (160)

Level 2 damsel: Dispell scroll and Mane of Purebred (160)

Character totals (705)

8 Questing Knights Full Command (251)

5 Questing Knights Full Command (167)

8 Knights of the realm Full Command (215)

Trebuchet (90)

25 men at arms Full Command (152)

25 Peasent Bowmen skirmishers Full Command (195)

10 Men at arms (no command) (50)

Total 2000 pts.

So there are some more meatier units, one less pegasus than before and the charcters are a little more tooled up. The 25 skirmishing archers should be a nasty barrage with 360 LOS and longbows. This can really do some damage along with the trebuchet.


The Devil's Right Hand
15-03-2006, 20:03
looking much more solid. little heavy with the bows though, if you split those into 2 groups you can use your fire more efficiently. if you want a distractor unit, i've found 5 mounted yomen with musician and sheilds to be effective and its only 87 points.

may not want your general running off around the board to kill heros where he could be more effective lending that 9 leadership. i like the pegasus, but the i'd change the equipment and virtue (personal preferance.)

lastly, 24 men at arms is all you need, in a 6x4, the 5x5 isn't worth it cuz they're not going to kill anything, they're just supposed to lock a unit so knights can flank it.

15-03-2006, 21:41
I actually like to give my BSB the wyrmlance. Even though he has no option for a mundane lance, that doesn't mean you can't give him a magical one. Warbanner will give you +1 combat res, but I find that I'll generally kill an additional model with a lance as opposed to a hand weapon anyway. Wyrmlance + virtue of the joust has served me well in the past.

15-03-2006, 23:33
I suppose that I really need to consider if I can earn my points back with the character killing General. Ld is nine is nice, but after playing alot of beastmen, I am used to ld 8. With more questing knights, that lack of ld shouldn't be such a huge issue.

If I can kill his general, I will get 100 pts straight away, plus whatever the general is worth. Plus also taking away the generals ld from his battle center. If I learn to combine my charges at the start of a turn, and kill his general too, then that will be an all powerful charge.

Your right about the 24 men at arms. Good suggestion there!

I think that the big unit of skirmishing archers is good too. Each archer will have 360 los, and longbows, and a big unit to not have to worry about panic from smaller knight units, casualties. Stand and shoot will be nasty, but I will only get CR from standard and outnumber, no ranks for me. I would like to have 2 units of skirmishing archers but this is not the case.

I'll have to see what I like. I'll paint up the stakes and play some games where I use them in the skirmish, where I use them as standing shooters, and some where it is mixed.