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30-06-2010, 05:22
What I wanted to know are Orcs and Goblins a army that can win. I've called all over the place and people tell me not to play them but I like they wackiness so, can they win and are they liable for tournaments.

P.S. depending on response my friend is gonna sell me 2500 pts worth of stuff for a $100:chrome:

30-06-2010, 05:27
They are not a tournament army in 7E with the current AB. In 8E, they will be considerably better, but they'll still struggle against the more OTT armies. However, even in 7E, they can win; however, you will be dependent on luck. If that appeals to you, great. If you want a particularly powerful yet unpredictable horde army, try skaven.

30-06-2010, 05:39
Buy the army at a hundred bucks. It's a steal. Then play it, find if you like it. You can usually sell it pretty easily for what you paid for it. But just wait til the army book comes out and see how effective the new book is. It may be pretty good.

The old 7th edition tournament list had a couple of big blocks of orcs led by black orc bosses, chariots, major magic defense, a ton of war machines, and single trolls for redirecting and baiting.

The 8th edition tournament list (of the current armybook) will likely contain a lot more goblins and cheap heroes, backed up by a crap-ton of war machines. Big, big goblin units with characters and nets seem to be pretty decent right now.

30-06-2010, 12:15
I've never won a tournament with orcs, but I've always placed in the top half.

Buy the army for $100, it's a hell of a deal :)

30-06-2010, 13:17
2500 points for 100 bucks??? I would buy that army in a heartbeat. I've played 5 games of 8th edition with a goblin army and I'm 4-1. I think they are very viable in the new edition.