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01-07-2010, 00:06
I love orcs and goblins I believe they are the best and most fun warhammer army out there. I need to know a direction for some lists all I have is the battalion set and gonna get some stuff from a friend. So can u guys help me out with some sort of direction to play my orcs and goblins, or some sort of theme.

01-07-2010, 00:51
Well there are several themes to choose from when you play Orcs and Goblins. To name a few:

Horde (Lots of models not a lot of anything else)
Mounted (Everything is riding upon something)
Magic Heavy (Lots of wizards, with new edition this may be an extinct theme, However try looking at the magic hat in the new BRB it is probably my favorite item.
Shooty (Lots of bows and warmachines, not fun for your opponent to face and you won't win many games)

or the best Orc and Goblin theme of all...... Complete mixture!

With a few exceptions nothing in the codex sucks, Giants for instance are going to be terrible come new edition with all the new war machine rules. So you really cant go wrong. But remember go big or go home have orc units at least 25 strong and goblin units 30 man strong with the new BRB check out 50 man units of night goblins in the horde formation.

Those were a few ideas.

But always remember that with orcs and goblins never expect to win. But expect to have fun.


If you play orcs and goblins don't expect to win everygame but

01-07-2010, 01:13
With the new edition they'll be a hell of a lot stronger, so ignore people who tell you they're weak. Their major weaknesses are removed with the edition change, though you still have animosity.

First thing: infantry. Take lots and lots, your infantry kick butt. Gobbos are cheap as, Orcs are tough as nails for their points cost. I'd probably go shields on the orcs, but additional choppas are fine too.

Second thing: Characters. You'll need a BSB and an orc general. With the look out sir rule it won't be a no-brainer to put them on boars anymore, you'll have to decide between being faster and more survivable, and possibly being picked out by ranged attacks. Taking a single level 4 goblin shaman seems (to me) the way to go in 8th ed (as you can have multiple lords if they come in under 500 points or so).

Third thing: Shooting. Don't bother with arrer boys/gobbo archers if you can help it. War machines are far more effective points wise, take up less space and damage stuff you'd otherwise struggle with.

01-07-2010, 02:12
I plan to start playing O&G.... I have a crap ton of night goblins and fanatics but never used them. they just sit there and collect dust. I plan on dusting them off seeing what I got and add in more stuff.

01-07-2010, 09:36
With a few exceptions nothing in the codex sucks

This is a contradiction if I ever saw one :p

Third thing: Shooting. Don't bother with arrer boys/gobbo archers if you can help it. War machines are far more effective points wise, take up less space and damage stuff you'd otherwise struggle with.

I'm not going to argue, but maybe you should consider what could bring a large, or even horde unit of arrer boyz/bow gobs.

01-07-2010, 09:57
I would agree if you could still fire in all ranks against large targets. You can't, so meh. They'll kill a couple of guys, yay, largely uninmportant when you're weaker at the serious business of crumpin' heads. Just the whole infantryhammer thing.

01-07-2010, 12:22
Right, let's say you got 20 bow goblins, ranked 5 wide, ok?
You got 16 shots, against everything (2 ranks shooting, you don't really want to move them anyway -18" range for short bows now-, so you make a volley shot. So half the two back ranks shoot, rounded up).
Between the current 5 shots most of the time and 20 shots against something that will shrug them off? I know what I prefer :).

It's going to be ace against elves of all kinds, humans, marauders, zombies, skavens, other goblins, ogres or things with low saves and low numbers...

Now what about arrer boyz? Let's make it a unit of 30 of them, 10 wide. 25 shots a turn (regular bow is 24" range), then 20 shots in counter charge (you're going to strike last anyway, so let them come), then all of them that are in btb can attack back at S4 (all three ranks of them, how nice is that?). That's a rather good flank holder, if you ask me :)

01-07-2010, 12:27
I didn't consider the extra half rank. Fair point, wide units of orc arrer boys especially would seem quite respectable.

03-07-2010, 05:58
But another question is can they win.Everyone I know says don't play them.

03-07-2010, 06:21
In previous editions, Orc Arrer Boyz were not exactly the most desired unit and were pretty poor compared to most other options.

However, with several rule changes in 8th (ranked shooting, volley, stand and shoot, charges, etc), the percentages for choices, and their relatively low point cost, they are now a pretty solid choice. As Urgat mentioned above, solid flank holders and shooty unit.

O&G are a pretty solid army in 8th for the most part, only thing that seemingly got weaker are the cavalry options, but they still play a role within the army.