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01-07-2010, 17:26
Hey guys. Just after some thoughts on this army. I'm looking to pick up Fantasy again and like the look of the Empire. This is my first attempt at an Empire list and its basically built around the contents of the Battalion and Brigade boxes with a few characters added. I'd like to try and stick to the contents of the boxes, though obviously the configurations are changeable.

I like the idea of a lot of infantry bolstered by supporting characters and a powerful hammer blow in the form of Knights.

Nordland Coastal Brigade

General OíFlaherty of Albion; Warhorse, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Sword of Sigismund

Katarina, Battle Wizard; Lore of Fire, Level 2, Ring of Volans, Wizardís Staff
Sammael the Shadowweaver, Battle Wizard; Lore of Shadow, Level 2, Dispel Scroll
Captain Karl Wolfen; BSB, Banner of Valour, Full Plate Armour

40 Halberdiers; Full Command, Banner of Duty
- 15 Crossbowmen
- 10 Spearmen
20 Swordsmen; Full Command
- 10 Handgunners
- 10 Free Company
5 Knights of the White Wolf; Full Command, Great Weapons
10 Knights of the Argent Dragon; Full Command, Lances, Steel Standard
5 Pistoliers; Musician, Outrider

15 Greatswords; Full Command
- 5 Free Company

Bigtoof, Ogre Maneater; Great Weapon

Total: 1,998pts

Thanks for the help.


Kill Krazy
04-07-2010, 10:32
In 8th edition taking detachments in units of 10 isn't a good idea. I still don't know many of the 8th edition rules but i'm pretty sure to flank charge you have to have a rank. This means if your detachments take 1 casulty they no longer negate ranks.
Bring detachments in units of 15. I know its pricey but its the only way you can make detachments work.
Although detachments are personal preference i prefer swordsmen or halberdiers for detachments as halberdiers will kill more , a unit of 15 get 10 S4 attacks vs the spearmens 15 S3. Halberdiers in 8th are better than spearmen. Swordsmen are good because detachments are only there for the flank charge and not to kill things. Swordsmen live longer which means they keep their ranks and numbers longer so they can keep up the flank charges

Also although this is completly up to you i would go for lore of death and metal for your wizards. Death is just a really fun and aggressive lore and i always bring 1 lore of death wizard if i can. Lore of metal is great for taking out elite units and for buffing units , one of the spells gives a unit 5+ scaly skin which is great for swordsmen , halberdiers and great swords. Swordsmen get a 3+ AS with the 6+ ward and the halberdiers get a 4+ As and wil actually be able to kill things without taking many casulties. MY favouite combo is the greatswords though who get a 2+ As aswell as being stubborn which makes a real pain to kill.

Btw i wouldn't brin that crossbowmen detachtment in a unit of 15 as you can now shoot in 2 ranks so a unit of 10 is great. Just move the 5 to the greatsword unit.

For close combat infantry core choices and detchments just bring swordsmen and halberdiers as free company and spearmen aren't as good as halberdiers

Persoanlly i would remove the champion and standard from both knight units as the + attack for knight isn't worth it for the price. The standard isn't good as you can only get +1 from standards no matter how many you have. Knights are probably one the best support units in the empire so they always be fighting with swordsmen or halberdiers so they just don't need the standard.

This will free you 84 points i would use 60 of the points to buff up the swordsmen to 30

I would remove the outrider from the pistoliers and the ring and wizard staff from you wizard.

My math sin't great but i think altogether combined with the points left over from the swordsmen it give you 61 points. Use that to buy 5 more greatswords.

I'm sorry that my suggestion use more than you get in the boxes listed but i'm sure you can understand all my suggestions