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01-07-2010, 23:49
So I'm having a 2500 point match versus Beastmen. I have been reading the new rules and magic especially.... Oh yeah! I play High elves. I was looking for some advice on what to do against a horde army. With the new rules for units being percentages, I think it's kind of a set back for High Elves in a sense, though I'm always bitter.

I have conjured two lists. One is an All Melee list i.e. All my characters are fighters. My second is all magic. I'm highly considering using Lore of Shadows to exploit the low initiative of the beasts.

Any help is Appreciated, if you can posts some ideas of army lists you'd try that would be excellent to!!


02-07-2010, 00:43
What is your usual list? or do you custom build lists depending on who you are fighting? what is your opponent bringing. that makes a difference as beasts are very versitile.

1- lotheran seaguard. a unit of 20 will pump out 16 bow shot per turn then fight in 4 ranks.
2- bolt thrower(s). no matter if he takes monsters or ranked units, this will be effective.
3- characters. either is effective. your preference.

everything else is preference on blocks or cav.

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
02-07-2010, 04:11
Most beastmen are actually I3 or better (so not actually that low). Beastmen are tricky for high elves because they can take cheap, junk troops like Ungors that might die screaming to swordmasters, but will get enouth attacks back to take a lot of guys with them.

If you want to specifically tailor your list against Beastmen:
1-that banner that take away hatred and frenzy is now indespencible.
2-your core is pretty good against a lot of the army.
3-you'll need bolt-throwers for those big toughness 5 and 6 guys (and to single shot minotaur characters if you can), but watch-out for harpies and ambushing units.
4-I'm more inclined to think that Lore of Beasts or Fire might be better suited for magic: the signature spell of Beasts will give elves a good boost to striking power and and hex/damge cast on your opponet are at -1 casting requirement. On the other hand, Fire will let you burn away a lot of problems (minotaurs, harpies, centigors, etc)

02-07-2010, 04:27
I will second Lore of Beasts. Buffing your units at all will make them overpower any Beastman unit.

Dont put too much faith in Bolt Throwers, while War machines have undoubtedly gotten buffed, its not going to be hard for them to pop the chalice on your first shooting phase, and have your Bolt Throwers charged by your second.

Ambushing any number of Ungor Raiders will give a good chance for him to have your bolt throwers tied up, as well as Chaos War hounds being able to charge across the board by turn 2

02-07-2010, 09:02
Go Beastmen!

02-07-2010, 12:55
Go Beastmen!


Here's my recommendation to the OP (aside from "don't make a scene and cry when you get massacred"):

get in the habit of writing all-comers lists; it won't do you any services as a general to do a list redux for every opponent and every style of play.

But if you really want the Beastmen player to have a good excuse for losing if you beat him, take a look at p5 of the Army Lists sub-forum; there is a 2500pt Beastmen list posted there that will have an uncanny resemblence with whatever you face this Sunday at noon sharp.

Ps. you're driving