View Full Version : Magnetic Combination-weapon kit from Chapterhousestudios.com

02-07-2010, 01:26
From Dakkadakka.

"One of the first projects I had in mind were completely interchangeable combi-weapons. If you are anything like me, you magnetize your army to save money and headaches.

One of the best options out there for imperial armies is combination-weapons. Alas, combination-weapons are very rare in any plastic form, and the ones you do see go for their weight in gold.

Enter the Chapterhouse Studios Combination-weapon Magnetic kit.

As you can see, it is a standard weapon stock and barrel (could be a bolter, could be a heavy MG), we designed some useful tracks and grips so the different combination-weapon parts will fit nice and smooth. To add to the ease of use, we also have holes pre-drilled and include the correct size rare-earth magnets with the kit (5 total).

So in essence we have:
1) base ranged weapon
2)flame thrower attachment
3)grenade launcher attachment
4)plasma gun attachment
5)melta gun attachment
6) 5 rare earth magnets to fit in predrilled holes.

As you can see I know have a power fist armed scout sergeant who will never have to be stuck with the wrong weapon in the wrong situation.

After doing some price research I think we should be able to sell the kits for $6.50 each. Consider that most shops sell the combination-melta alone for anywhere in the $5-10 range and our kit is a much better buy."

These are not on the website yet, but Chapterhouse says you can email them for orders anyways.