View Full Version : Starting Vampire Counts, 1,000 Points

03-07-2010, 02:45
I'm relatively new to Fantasy and just starting out VC, an army I've loved since back in the days when they were just "Undead" and could take Nagash (!). Hopefully with the advent of 8th no one will roll their eyes at me for playing them :).

I really wish I could fit some more interesting and fun stuff in at this points level, but anyway I wanted to base my army primarily around skellies, Grave Guard, and Black Knights, with some room for other units of course, so this just has the basics:


Vampire Lord
- Talisman of Preservation
- General (natch)


- Power Stone
- Invocation

- Channeling Staff
- Invocation

Wight King
- Heavy armor
- Shield
- Sword of Kings


27 Skeleton Warriors
- Light armor
- Shields
- Spears
- Full command
Joined by Vamp Lord to make a 7x4 regiment, getting the most out of those spears without going full horde formation

Corpse Cart
- Unholy Lodestone
Helps keep skellies up


9 Grave Guard
- Heavy armor
- Hand weapons/shields
- Full command
Joined by Wight King to make a 5x2

Pretty boring I know, but hopefully it works well enough. Any suggestions that any of you guys could offer on how to improve it would be much appreciated, including taking different units. The only things I really am averse to are any variety of bats, Dire Wolves, Ghouls, and Zombies not attached to carts. All else is fair game.

For an expanded list I plan on adding some Black Knights and a Varghulf, but alas the points were not there in 1k.

Oh, and if you were wondering about my intention for the Necros, I figured advancing them alone just behind the Cart and skelly block while spamming Invocation might work alright. I'd consider putting them on Carts but my points allowance for Heroes prohibited it.

Anyhoo, thanks in advance for any tips or critique, and please be harsh if you must :).