View Full Version : 2k lizardmen my first attempt

03-07-2010, 06:34
okafter finally starting to learn 8th i want peoples comments andn criticism on this list
please not i dont know what the equipment in the new book is so if some is really good please suggest it

slann mage preist cube of darkness, focus of rumination.
old blood, maiming sheild, burning blade of chotec
30 temple guard fc jaguar banner
18 saurus, spears, fc
19 saurus, spears fc (for minimum point it has to be 19)
scar vet with hide of the cold ones and great weapon
2 salamanders
2 salamanders.

please note this list is not to be overly competetive, just good for normal games and the odd freindly no prize tournament thanks in advanced.

05-07-2010, 19:05
Not throught about squeezing a skink screen in for those temple guard?