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03-07-2010, 13:09
While reading the “Smallest Army in 40k?” thread these 2 posts caught my eye:

A Titan Army? 3 models - 2 scouts and a HQ?
A friend says that there is talk about Cultus Mechanicus being in the tube for the near future.

from what I hear spearhead is a test to see how one superheavy would work in normal 40k

Now this got me thinking of the next edition of 40K. There are at least 2 missions in Battle Missions where a player can take Super Heavies in a normal game. And while following the development of the new fantasy edition (since there is hardly anything else GW is talking about at the moment:rolleyes:), I read that they have put some rather interesting things in there, like interactive terrain and friendly missions not for tournament use. These 2 things alone could have been made into expansions for fantasy (which if I recall has none).

Now in 5th ed. there are rules for buildings that, let’s face it, are better than Cities of Death (they just left out the strategems). This got me thinking of the other expansions (Apoc, Planetstrike, & Battlemissions) and how they could be included into 6th ed. So in the fantasy we have interactive terrain. That sounds like Planetstrike. Friendly missions sounds like Battlemissions. And with the above quotes could GW be trying to shoehorn Apoc into a standard game? Do you think that perhaps the next edition of 40K could a massive book with lots of extra stuff that they take from all of the expansions?

03-07-2010, 15:15
I'm sure if they put them in the normal game and said "only for missions over 3k points" nobody would have a problem. I've never seen a 3k tourney, so at that point it's just between you and your friends.

03-07-2010, 15:18
It would be a good way to sell the hardback book...

The soft cover one in the starter set has the core rules only, the Big hard back one has all the extra scenarios and stuff. That would actually get me to buy the big book, and be easier to carry than 6 expansion books...

Col. Tartleton
03-07-2010, 16:43
I wouldn't do that if I was GW. I'd make codices, sourcebooks, and rulebooks.

One Codex per race with all the standard rules that I would call the Tournament list.

Various Sourcebooks full of fluff, artwork, and alternate lists and scenarios (think Imperial Armor but dozens of them) which people would snatch up like candy. These would be less tied to the edition and more about how a certain faction operates, and only need minor adjustments between editions via FAQs.

Then Rule books, an official rule book which dictates tournament type play, then smaller expansion books with alternate scenarios and gaming mechanisms.

So in order to play Space Marines you need the Official Rule Book, and the Marine Codex, but you'll still probably buy at least one of the Ultramarine, Space Wolf, Dark Angel, Blood Angel, Black Templar, or Grey Knight sourcebooks if not all of them. Each would be full of the artwork, literature, and rosters and tactics attributed to the faction.

But because they're not a true codex and still rely on the actual Codex, you could make tons of them and they'd last several additions. For example the Tau could have four source books. First Sphere Expansion: Into the Heavens; Second Sphere Expansion: The Legend of Puretide; Beyond Damocles: Crusade of Heroes; Third Sphere Expansion: Shadows of Empire TM ;)

Every race could have a number of factional supplements. First Expansion for example would focus on the early days of the Tau Military before the Greater Good had really expanded to other species. It would still be a us against the universe type of mindset. Second Expansion would involve the greatest expansion of the empire under Puretide and his protege Farsight and the glorious wars waged by the Empire against all manner of foes and the political gulf opening between the warrior culture of the mildly xenophobic soldiers of the fire caste and outside forces like allied races and even other factions like the Ethereals and other castes. Then Damocles would focus on the Imperial Crusade before the second expansion and counter attack by Farsight mirroring Saladin's defense of the holy lands that occured during it as well as his eventual schism and formation of his own empire beyond the Damocles Gulf. Then the Third Expansion book would focus on the bloody hard won wars against the Imperium by Shadowsun and the unexpected set backs and disasters that crippled the invasion before it had really begun.

You could literally flesh out each race in this way and not alienate the player base while still reducing the number of annual (or at least edition dependent) publications.

self biased
03-07-2010, 16:53
folding rules for superheavy vehicles and gargantuan creatures into the main system would be a good idea. A better idea would be to build the appropriate rules from the ground up and have the basic rules be able to deal with these things.

03-07-2010, 17:35
Judging by recent history, the form that 6th Ed takes could be just about anything, depending on who in the studio is in charge of 40K at that point.

big squig
04-07-2010, 06:22
I am amazed GW simply hasn't replaced 40k with apoc already.

04-07-2010, 09:13
A cohesive and all inclusive rule book that covers most aspects of the existing game...

Not bloody likely!!!:eyebrows:

If there is a 6th edition it will be: "A revolution in the way 4+k is played" which will basically keeping the existing system aside from less USR and an over compensative gutting of certain things that were exploited by a beard minority along with new convoluted, time consuming rules to further hinder the same exploited rules.

04-07-2010, 13:17
What I hope/imagine GW will do:
Main rules
Special terrain rules- random terrain effects like fantasy, usable fortifications from planetstrike.
Flier rules

Scalable FOCs like Fantasy. Normal FOC we are all used to for 0-3000 points, large FOC with extra elite, FA, Heavy slot, 2 extra Troop slots, and a support slot for a Superheavy or flier.

Realign Superheavies to allow for armor value 15, and weapon strengths up to 15, with D as a weapon special rule that ignores cover and adds +1 to damage chart for vehicles, or causes d3 wounds per hit.