View Full Version : Thinking of starting whfb, need pointers

04-07-2010, 00:44
Been playing with the idea of starting a fantasy battle with the 8th ed. The thing is I already have 3 wh40k armies and don't really have time , storage space and money to pour into the army I'd really like to play (skaven) so any ideas of a effective and competative (but not overpowered :) army with quite low modelcount and some strategies on what to buy (so I don't fall into the trap buying cool useless stuff :).
maybe around 1500 pts

thanx in advance

04-07-2010, 00:54
May be worth waiting for the New Starter box set as it has about 1000pts of skaven and same of High Elfs and a rule book so may be a good starter, Out in september about 55. With the new rule book a week away may be worth waiting a month a so for people to work out best armies/stratagy etc, If u wanted to practice and had a demon army a fantasy played may let u play against him with your round bases just to start u off???

the box set has its own thread on here already and gives u a clue to the contents

Also suggest borrowing armies to see what u like before paying out!

04-07-2010, 00:55
The box set is called island of blood and he thread is