View Full Version : Another dwarf army !=== PTS

26-02-2006, 15:12
General Fnorri Agrulgrim. Runesmith.
Shield, rune of stone, GW, rune of spell breaking 106 pts

Binglaz " twoeyes" Dragon slayer 50 pts

Gudrik Dragonslayer 50 pts

19 warriors, musician, standard. 186 pts

10 rangers Gw throwing axes mus. 125 pts

15 ironbreakers standard mus rune of battle 263 pts
rune of stoicism

Bolt thrower 45 pts

Bolt thrower engineer, pistols 65 pts

Organ gun 120 pts

27-02-2006, 15:43
What is the points aim, 1010? It is a solid list. Maybe get some "normal" Slayer instead of one dragonslayer. But i understand the methode of the one man army thing of the Dslayers. Or some thunders if you have the point and models. I think i will use this list myself next time i play with dwarfs.

28-02-2006, 16:16
Glad that you liked the list. Itīs for a friendly game and it usually doesnīt matter if youīre 5 points over or so. About the slayers, i have the dragon slayers because of their mobility ( no wheels and stuff), their T5 and because they canīt be shot as long as they're within 5" of a unit, which they often are as they're on flank guarding duty. I have thunderers but there is no way I can fit them in without losing close combat strength(or so I think).