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05-07-2010, 05:16
Hi all. I am looking to include Thousand Sons and Fabius' Enhanced Marines in my army with a couple modifications from the norm. I am looking for advice on ideas for conversions and if someone would accept them on the table-top or be able to identify them as such without needing a counts as explanation.

For the Enhanced CSM, I wanted them but not Fabius Bile. I was going to use Possessed as the stats are the same and one random table is switch for another. Since they are physiologically/genetically altered rather than possesed, I was going to bypass the chaotic mutations and go for a more surgical one. The only one I can think of is to have tubes and wires attached to their backpacks. I don't feel that such a conversion alone would mark them as Possessed or that different from other CSMs. Advice, or does that slight conversion seem sufficient?

Concerning the TS, I didn't want to go with the Egyptian theme, nor did I want Tzeentch symbols all over the place, as I havea generally unaligned waband. I was going to take a mix of regular SM and CSM, put a symbol of Tzeentch on a model or two in the squad, alter the bolter muzzle with a dragon's head or something similar on a couple, give them an Aspiring Sorcerer with an obvious Tzeentchian banner. Once again, would that seem sufficient to obviously mark them as different frm CSM dedicated to Tzeentch? Other conversion ideas?

Thanks in advance.

John Vaughan
05-07-2010, 05:21
Well, good luck on the TS. Those are pretty universally recognized, so you'll have to distinguish them to people every time you use them.

As far as the Bile marines, the old metal possessed are decent to use. They have some of both the genetic/surgical look to them, and are just savage looking.

The Inevitable One
05-07-2010, 05:28
With regards to the Thousand Sons you could always paint and convert them to their former selves. I found this I thought you might like it:


05-07-2010, 08:18
As long as both units are distinct and have the right equipment there wont be any problems with 'counts as', it'll take you 30 seconds at most to tell your opp what unit you're deploying and then everything is gravy. With the possessed you could easily go with lots of tubes and wires, and perhaps wrist mounted blades as they wont have guns (perhaps the biggest difference between them and Bile marines). On that note could you not knock up a counts as Bile while you're at it, and then you wont have to use the possessed rules, which aren't exactly great.