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05-07-2010, 08:23

Vampire Lord
Magic Items: Ring of Carstein, The Flayed Hauberk
Vampire Powers: Summon Ghouls, Summon Creatures of the Night, Forbidden Lore
Total: 365


Magic Items: Sceptre de Noirot, Night Shroud
Vampire Powers: Walking Death, Infinite Hatred
Total: 195


25 Ghouls
Total: 200

25 Ghouls
Total: 200

10 Dire Wolves
Total: 80


20 Grave Guard
Command: Full
Magic Items: Standard of Everlasting Death
Total: 285


Total: 175

Any advice is appreciated.

05-07-2010, 19:25
Comment please.

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06-07-2010, 02:54
The Carstein Ring is awfully expensive for a 1500 point game. Flayed Hauberk is probably overkill with it. Consider trading the ring for Dark Acolyte and Infinite Hatred, and perhaps Crown of the Damned for a ward save.

Summon creatures of the night seems a bit overkill, how important is that one unit of Dire Wolves to you?

I'd prefer Master of the Black Arts on the other Vampire for powers. Power dice are pretty needed.

Would advise Banner of the Barrows and Great Weapons instead of shields on the Grave Guard. Step up just made Great Weapons tons better.

If you can find the points for a Wight King Battle Standard bearer you get to re-roll all leadership tests within 12" of him, including stupidity from Crown of the Damned and you get the effect of Standard of Everlasting Death on every unit within 12". Really really useful.

08-07-2010, 05:15
Agree with all of Nitros' comments.

Also, I think ghouls are still really effective in smaller numbers, and it might be nice to increase your unit count a bit. With that in mind, I'd probably break up one of those 25-ghoul units into two 10 to 12-ghoul units.

I'd also try and fit a necromancer with invocation into the list, he can effectively help spam invocation when you get stuck into some drawn out combats. Assuming you've got one of your vamps going in the grave guard, I'd drop one for a few extra points. Dropping a few ghouls as well should cover the cost of the necro, and you can always raise more ghouls with your Summon Ghouls vamp.