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05-07-2010, 17:18
Here's my first attempt at an Eighth ed. Empire list. I think what I have is both legal and pretty strong all things considered.


General of the Empire (Armor of Meteoric Iron, Holy Relic, +1 Str. In CC weapon) 170 pts.
Wizard Lord Lvl. 4 (Pegasus, Grey Wand, White Cloak) 330 [400 pts.]

Wizard Lvl. 2 (Warhorse, Scroll roll a D6 for each dice used and take a wound for every 5+) 160 pts.
Master Engineer 65 pts.
Warrior Priest (Heavy Armor, Shield, Van Horstmannís Speculum, Wyrmslayer Sword) 146 pts.
Captain BSB (Barded Warhorse, Full Plate Armor, Banner of Unit gets flaming attacks) 107 pts.


50 Halberdiers (Full Command) 270 pts.
Detachment: 20 Swordsmen 120 pts.
20 Handgunners (Musician) 167 pts.
20 Handgunners (Musician) 167 pts.
6 Knights (Full Command) 178 pts.


Great Cannon 100 pts.
Great Cannon 100 pts.
Mortar 75 pts.
5 Pistoleers (Musician) 97 pts.
5 Pistoleers (Musician) 97 pts.

2250 On the dot Overall

The general and the Warrior Priest will usually go in the big block of halberdiers, the BSB is going to go in the block of Knights and stay close enough to provide re-rolls and countercharge support. The Pegasus Wizard Lord and the other Wizard Lord will go off on their own and try to do as much damage as possible. I was thinking I'm going to take Lore of Shadows with the Peg lord and Lore of Metal with the horse wizard. Obviously the engineer goes with the artillery.

As always C&C is very welcome.