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26-02-2006, 17:56
I have started wood elves and on my birth day im going to get 1500 points of wood elves. Is there anything that you could recommend except for the battalion and a lord and a spellsinger?

The Mighty Gnoblar
26-02-2006, 18:01
Treeman even if you dont field it its a wonderful model in my opinion. Other then that I would recomend playing a few games with what you have and finding a style of play you like or a weakness your army has and buy units to support that style or overcome that weakness.

26-02-2006, 18:15
Try not to over stock on glade guard archers. Although they are (and should be) the core of the army you rarely need more than 30 (in units of ten) for 2000. Oh and remember not to bother with command groups for missile troops. There is no point.

Have at least 1 or 2 units of glade riders. They may seem very fragile at first and you will probably lose them very easily once you learn how to best use them they are awesome. 5-6 is a good number as you can keep in in one rank and most will get into contact. Rank bonus is too expensive to be worth it.

Dryads are fantastic but try not to make the units too big. They are immune to psychology so you don't have to worry about them running from 25% shooting casualities and any that aren't in base contact in combat are pretty much wasted. 8-12 is optimum.

Make sure you have a few of the many elite combat units. Which ones depends on how you like to play.
Eternal Guard makes a good lynchpin unit and are good if you like to have an identifiable army centre. They ideally need to be combined with some kind of hero and a battle standard. Anything between 16-25 (with one of the number being a character) is good. 30 is probably a bit excessive as a point sink. Two units of 16 Look quite neat.

Wardancers are my personal favourite. They can potentially take down anything (but don't expect miracles). Being skirmishers they allow you to shift the powerful part of you army easily thus fooling your enemy as to where your attack is going to come from. 6-9 is a good size. I use two units of 8.

Treemen and Treekin are solid and go well as support for Eternal guard but they can be a little slow and are pretty expensive (and the models ain't so hot). Treekin come in groups of 3-4 ideally.

Wild Riders are sooooo awesome they're almost compulsory. The mobility of Glade Riders combined with the killing power of Wardancers. Get a unit of 5-6 as soon as you can. If you want to be a cheesy swine just fill your special choices with these guys. But then everyone WILL hate you and you'd be missing out on all the other lovely flavours of Wood Elf.

Waywatchers are a tough choice. I like them but agree that they don't really do much more than scouts and they're quite pricey. Their biggest strength is their reputation as the uber-scout of warhammer. Your opponent may spend an excessive amount of time flushing them out for minimum return. If he ignores them they most likely won't do much damage. 5-6 guys is about right.

A great eagle will make a cheap sacrificial unit. Plonk it at a funny angle in front of anything you think will cause you trouble and they'll be redirected away from your fragile troops for at least 2 turns. It's a bummer that you don't get 2 per slot any more but what else are you gonna use the rare slot for.

Edit: Unit sizes

god octo
27-02-2006, 17:16
try out all the units with proxies, thats what i did. you may find that you dont like how that particular set-up works. I did this and found my eternal guard were too slow and vunerable to shooting, so i switched them for wild riders.

Dryads are always a good choice and for a character, you could get a branchwraithe, they can be both fighty and magical, helping out in two phases.#

Overall, try out the units and have fun.