View Full Version : 8th Edition 'Ard Boys in August

Marshal Torrick
05-07-2010, 21:07
I realize the errata hasn`t come out yet, but I`ve had an 8th edition game and got a little excited about the upcoming `Ard Boys. It`s 3K points, so here goes:

Count Mannfred w/ Skullstaff and Crimson Gem.

WK BSB w/ Drakenhoff Banner

Vamp w/ MOTBA, 2+ AS and Tomb Blade

30 Spear Skellies, full cmd, War Banner
25 Skellies, full cmd
25 Skellies, full cmd
5 Dire Wolves
5 Dire Wolves

26 Grave Guard w/ GWs, full cmd, Banner of Barrows

Black Coach
7 Wraiths w/ Banshee

Manny goes in GG with BSB, Vamp goes in spear skellies. Dogs go WM hunting, vaghulf can be used as a guided missile against an opposing wizard or light units if Manny`s death magic is successfull.

I`m hankering for a chance to try the Summon Undead Horde/Purple Sun combo to refill my pool of PD after casting 2 or 3 other spells.


immortal git
05-07-2010, 22:28
the skellies are going in horde right? so you can strike in 4 ranks with spears, unit of 50 will do a lot better, even if you take casualties you all get to strike

05-07-2010, 23:57
I doubt the skellies will go horde.

Marshal Torrick
06-07-2010, 13:51
If I manage to use Summon Undead Horde enough to make the spear skellies that big, then so be it. As it stands right now, they're 5x6 or 6x5 depending on what's on the other side of them.