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26-02-2006, 19:49
Hi, I'm finally bumping my Errantry War list up to 3K and wanted the advice and input of some of the worlds best generals, so where else would I post? :D

Duke Heavy Armour; Grail Vow; Silver Lance of the Blessed; Grail Shield; Hippogryph 438

The big guy. I use him at 2K and my opponents hate him. 4 auto-hitting St6 attacks, a 4+ armour/ward and a big monster, he rips through rank and file. Yeah he's a tad vulnerable, and at 3K I could keep him and get another guy as a mainline general, but how fluffy would that be? He's the biggest, baddest guy I can field and I converted him myself from 5 seperate kits. He's the one thing in this list which is immovable.

Damsel of the Lady Dispel Scroll(x1); Chalice of Malfleur; Warhorse 125

Damsel of the Lady Dispel Scroll(x2); Warhorse 130

Damsel of the Lady Dispel Scroll(x2) 120

Standard magic protection. The two mounted damsels go with the 8 strong units of KE for protection and MR, the one on foot goes with the peasant bowmen. This gives what is a pretty big unit MR1 and higher leadership, which should see off some of those annoying magic missiles.

Paladin Heavy Armour; Battle Standard Bearer; Knights Vow; War Banner; Duty; Warhorse 129

Standard +2 CR BSB. Cheaper than the Banner of the Lady, and also works against heavy cav.

Paladin Heavy Armour; Lance; Shield; Knights Vow; Royal Pegasus 116

Paladin Heavy Armour; Lance; Shield; Knights Vow; Royal Pegasus 116

Now I know what you're thinking, I've gone character mad. However, don't view these guys as characters, view them as alternative fast cav. With their speed and flying abilities they can march bock, take out war machines, charge in to assasinate lone characters or just team up with my lord. With 20" charge range they also have the drop on any enemy fast cav that try to make it round my flanks. However, if you think they're a mistake by all means say so, I'd be happy to consider alternatives.

9 Knights Errant Standard Bearer; Musician; Errantry Banner; Grail Knight Champion 223

8 Knights Errant Standard Bearer; Musician; Errantry Banner; Grail Knight Champion 203

8 Knights Errant Standard Bearer; Musician; Errantry Banner; Grail Knight Champion 203

9 Knights Errant Standard Bearer; Musician; Errantry Banner; Grail Knight Champion 223

9 Knights Errant Standard Bearer; Musician; Errantry Banner; Grail Knight Champion 223

8 Questing Knights Standard Bearer; Champion; Musician 251

Standard battle buses. GK champs are a godsend. Three units of eight to put my BSB and two mounted damsels in, including the Q-knights,and three units of 9. The Q-knights I feel, being more expensive are better served by the Damsels MR1. She's also safer there than in the impetuous KE.

24 peasant bowmen; skirmish; champion; standard; musician

I'm experimenting with the cloud tactic. Since they're skirmishers they should all be able to shoot. This many shots should be able to knock off those fast cav and flyers that threaten my trebuchet, and with the standard and outnumbering (and stand and shoot) they may well hold their own against lighter troops. The damsel on foot goes here, as I said earlier, raising their leadership from 5 to 7 and giving MR1. Anyone used this tactic effectively before?

4 Pegasus Knights Champion; Musician

Best flyers in the game, musician makes them more likely to rally. Nuff said.

Field Trebuchet 90

It's worked well enough for me in 2K to warrant an appearance, plus it gives my peasant bowmen something to guard.

Total 2999 5PD 6DD 5 scrolls

Hints? Tips? Accusations of cheese or madness? All welcome.


26-02-2006, 20:45
The best kind of army generals are mobile ones that do not get killed and can add a little bit of hurt to tip the scales in any battle. I think the Griffon is a bit overboard but at 3k you can afford to be overboard.

Alot of scrolls too. I'm not used to playing 3k but 5 scrolls could be chosen better. Perhaps some more damsels, or even a Prophetess.

I understand your army is about fighting but your lateral movement is not great. I know this is the weakness of bretonia. 24 archers, make it 25 to help avoid those panic tests. You won't need that champion in that unit.

I say downgrade from the griffon to a pegasus. This will give your army more flexibility in the movement phase. Get a 2nd unit of pegasus instead.

Of course it all depends upon the table size you are playing. If it is small, then you won't need lateral movement.


I do like the list alot now that I've looked at it more carefully. And the big nasty monster sounds good, especially if you've converted it so well.

Col. Dash
26-02-2006, 20:58
Dont you need Knights of the Realm or is this a special errantry war list that goes around that?
I would split your bowmen up into smaller groups. Also would bring a unit of Reliquery peasents, especially in 3k. You have very few figures for an army of this point scale.

26-02-2006, 21:31

I was considering the scrolls but at 2K I take three and the chalice and regularly burn through them all. Perhaps swap one for the Prayer Icon? Giving the peasants the blessing could be cool!

I would take a prophetess but I can't in the Errantry war list, it's not an option in the Army Roster.

How would you improve lateral movement? I don't want an RAF list (though I've come damn close!) My peg-paladins and peg-knights were an attempt to address this problem. Any tips? Tables are standard 6 by 4. On the archers I would get another one but I had 6 points left, an archer is 7 and the champ is 5 so I had no choice. If the damsel goes with them they'll be US25 anyway so should be ok. Do you think the damsel with them is a good idea?

Glad you like Athanaric! He's the Green knight torso and head on Grail knight (variant 1) legs, with a Grail Knight's shield (the dragon one). I snipped the sword off and replaced it with the lance from the grail reliquay held upright. His mount's Hipparchus, Louen's Hippogryph with the Lord of Change wings (they're the only ones big enough! The plastic ones are pathetic for a large target.) I'll try and post some pics once I've finished painting him. (Blue, white and gold colour scheme.)

Col. Dash:

I don't need KotR in the Errantry War list and I thinkl Errant knights are better and cheaper. The Reliquary is good but slow and pretty expensive to boot. Have you used it and found it worthwhile? The problem with splitting the bowmen is only one unit can skirmish, and also only one can then have the higher leadership and MR the damsel affords.

It's pretty low on model count but on US (which is a better marker really) it's 159. Remember most of my troops have 2+ saves, so can withstand the onslaught on magic and non magical missiles better than infantry.

Thanks and keep the suggestions coming!

26-02-2006, 22:48
I always like having atleast a few split up knights units like units of 6 i find it gives you abit more flexability and abit more resiliance. As for knights of the realm well they are abit more expensive but using the errantry list you will find them knight errants will have a mind of their own. More foot troops would probably be a bad idea because of the amount of knights, having just a few foot units would hold things up though i do think that the grail thing beggining with r which i dont remember the word is pretty good if the army allows for it but i dont think it alone would help. As for dispell scrolls that is alot but i am not used to 3000pts battles, i never really like dispell scrolls however, remember that a damsel is MR1 so you can use them pretty well to save units from spells, So a number of your units have magic resistance anyway. I might be tempted to get rid of some of them musicans and try and squeze some more units in maybe by getting rid of the hippogryth, but then again i dunno i love monster but the seem abit fragile but then again if you can't use monsters in 3000pts when do you so i dunno. big units of skirmishing bowmen can be pretty nice i have used them before to a good effect.

03-03-2006, 11:46
I know the MR 1 helps a lot but the problem is that the scariest spells for me (Invokation, Vanhels, Unseen Lurker etc) aren't cast against my units but on enemy units.

It's not just that KotR are more expensive but they're also worse in combat, due to the easier wounding and better armour penetration KE have when equipped with the Errantry Banner, as all units in the SoC list are. In addition, I feel that the problems KE have sometimes charging when you don't want are balanced by the fact that, being Immune to pyschology on the charge, they will always charge when you do want.

Finally I have heard several people recommending small units of 6, but aren't these simply too weak to do much? Especially in the Errantry list where they could end up charging something very hard? With the 4 across buses many people use their infantry in nowadays it's hard enough to get attacks in with one lance let alone the doubling up the small units seem to need.