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06-07-2010, 14:09
I'll show the revised list I'm taking to the tournament next weeked, hero-level special characters are allowed for once. I have played 2 few games against Empire with a bit different list (no knights, hellcannon and 4 warriors+5 marauders instead), and lost&drew.

Sorcerer lord: Lv4, lore of shadows, biting blade, enchanted shield, talisman of preservation, infernal puppet, bloodcurling roar=390

Sorcerer: Lv2, lore of fire, dispel scroll, dragonhelm, stream of corruption=175
Troll King Throgg=175
Exalted hero: BSB, Mark of TZ, Armour of Destiny, Halberd=199

35 Marauders: MoK, GW, FC=225
15 Warriors: FC, shields, FC, MoT, rapturous std=310
15 Warriors: FC, shields, halberds, FC, MoK, blasted standard=355
6 Trolls=270

6 Knights: MoN, musician, standard=300

I'd like more warriors, only the biting blade and stream of corruption (for CC attacks mainly) from the item section I'm a bit unsure about. In the test games, I never managed to roll a wound with my lord, and the sorc didn't get a opportunity to use his flamer. Of course, if he was charged by something else than a steam tank...

Again, I haven't tested this one, hellcannon, 2+2 warriors and 5 marauders could fit in if I took the knights away. Hellcannon is nice, it just died way too fast against great cannons. Maybe I shouldn't panic, as maybe everyone in the tournament isn't bringing cannons?

06-07-2010, 15:40
I like both Hellcannons and Chaos Knights so I'm having a hard time choosing what I'd use. Maybe take the Hellcannon because neither unit of Warriors is where you want it to be, fighty should be 6x3 and anvil should be 5x4 IMO.

I would drop a troll and go 3x2 with Throgg in the unit, use the extra points on more Marauders because they will be shot before entering combat and already losing attacks.

06-07-2010, 16:05
I'd drop great wpn on maurders and take flailsm sure it's a one hit wonder but with gw you lose out on there I4, personaly I'd drop the maurders all together but I hate the modles so I'm biased. Hellcannon would be nice if you can fit it and the knights in then you cannnon wiled maniacts will have to chose what to fire at.

06-07-2010, 16:06
Thank you for your vote :) With the hellcannon I would have 40 marauders, I'm not forming a horde even with 40 of them. They are to go 5 or 6 wide and deny ranks of the enemy while "slowly" (15-19 attacks per turn) grinding the enemy down.

I rather like having one extra troll, this way they can afford to take a bit damage in combat and on the way there and still fight back. 9 Marauders would help too of course, I just don't have quite that many. Half way there could work, but for that I would rather lose a magical item than a troll.

@Gorak: I'm really sold on the marauders, they are _cheap_ ranks and I spent a week painting&converting them->they stay. A third of them originally had flails, but my first game was against another WoC and his marauders had flails. They were SO sucky after the first turn it wasn't even fun. Flails and GWs cost the same, everyone gets to strike until there's under 2 ranks left (they start with ~9...) and GWs work nicely with the steadfast-theme. This might be a opinion-based issue, and for smaller units that do not plan to stay in the same combat turn after turn, flails would be better, but not this time.

If your choice was to aim at a large monster with a S5 stone thrower, or one knight, which one would you pick? I plan on not showing my flanks to cannons, sadly it doesn't always work that way but hey.

06-07-2010, 18:08
I had that set-up for the Marauders in a game, I started in a horde and they did wonderful, but after one round of combat I reformed so that my opponent wouldn't be stubborn (and to make a flank charge coming at me more difficult to make). Once I was ranked deep my opponent won the battle easily, the extra attacks really matter.

In short, if you want your Marauders to stick around and use something else to kill, go with MoT and shields.

07-07-2010, 00:02
Mark of khorne is much better on knights now then other marks, since frrenzy is now very easy to manage. Also, shields may be a bit of a waste on your khorne warriors, since they have to use their halberds, but i guess the shields are useful agaibst shooting attacks and some magic

08-07-2010, 01:11
Drop bloodcurdling roar altogether on your sorcerer lord. its pointless. i mean yeah its 2d6 attacks, but its s1 and rarely wounds anything. more of an annoyance rather than something that could cause problems.

08-07-2010, 05:33
Dude, are you serious on that one? 20 pts, even one wound (against cavalry) and it has paid itself, no as is a great bonus and in 8ed it can wound anything. Destroyed a steam tank with it last time I played, and half of a knight regiment.

Shields on MoK warriors are there for wysiwyg and to protect against shooting (and to make them weaker against lore of metal...).

I still think 15 ws4 S5 attacks isn't too bad, as long as they have ranks they just might win. Did you fight against chaos warriors or other ws4+ t4 infantry? I can't see marauders losing combat against t3 infantry unless they are elven spearmen or phoenix guard...