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26-02-2006, 20:44
My Lord
I am writing to inform you that the raiding force led by your daughter has been loaded onto the Black Ark of the Envenomed Scorpion. They are headed to the crude lands the human beasts call "The Empire" and "Brettonia". As per your orders I have informed her that she is to attack the strange forest known as Athel Loren; I made it clear that Lady Morathi wishes to have a specimin of these tree-spirits for her research, and that it is not wise to cross her. She made a few changes to the forces you had prepared for her, so I am sending you an updated list, along with the costs.

Lady Elakith of the House of Kharamond
Highborn - Heartstone of Darkness, Crimson Death and Blood Armour

Salabeth of the House of Kharamond and graduate of the Coven of the Ebon Heart
Sorceress - Seal of Ghrond and Dispell Scroll


Elakith's Drannachii
16 Warriors with shields, Full Command

Elakith's Uraithenii
14 Warriors with shields and rxbows, Musician

Riders of the Dark Hoof
5 Dark Riders, Musician

Riders of the Black Hail
5 Dark Riders and rxbows, Musician

Riders of the Red Hail
5 Dark Riders and rxbows, Musician

Elakith's Salidathii
16 Corsairs, Full Command


12 Executioners, Full Command

Scions of Kharamond
5 Cold One Knights, Musician

The Mahibidii
12 Witch Elves, Full Command


The Black Guard of Malekith, temporallily assigned to the forces of House Kharamond
12 Black Guard, Full Command

Total Cost to my Lord's treasury - 1996 Gold Pieces

Judging on her previous performances we expect to recoup at least triple our expenditure in captives alone.

Your Loyal vector in Karond Klar
Malion, of the House of Kharamond

26-02-2006, 21:52
Hmm, I like the list but you seem to have gone halfway to MSU and bottled it at the last second.

Bulk up the warriors to 20, I assume this is where your lord is going? Make that your 'anvil' unit. You shouldn't lose by much (if at all) with the highborn in there, and LD 10 will keep you in place for a while ready to flank the enemy.

I'm not sure about the RXB's, two units of 10 sounds better to me. Has this formation worked for you in the past?

I think you should put the corsairs in three ranks of 5 rather than four ranks of four, the extra two attacks should net you another kill anyway and all you need is to lose one from the 4X4 formation to lose the rank bonus anyway.

The DR as always are excellent, but see if you can find the points for RXB's on that last unit.

Drop the command (except maybe the musician) on both the Witches and the Execs, and rank them 2X6, or even drop them to 10 each. They are killer flankers who rely on attacks not static CR. Pair one unit with your corsairs, the other with your warriors and you're good to go.

The Cold Ones in my view are a bad gamble. They're obviously flankers, but do you really need elite heavy cav for this role? Especially heavy cav that move 4" less per turn than your DR and are subject to stupidity? IMHO, drop them, get another unit of DR and use the points elsewhere.

I'm not sure about the black guard. Many people call them a waste of time and points but in this list they may work holding the enemy in place. However, they're not gonna win combats on their own so lose the command. Use them to hold up the enemy, especially enemy infantry, while your DR flank. Again, 6X2 should work best.

Anyway, hope that helps.


26-02-2006, 22:21
I go with samw, 2units ofxbows are better, and ditch their shields (they will not survive cc anyways..) However, I LOVE cold one knights, and think that this is a good idea, I would however suggest to drop the black gaurds and get bolt throwers and beef up the executioners to 15 and the warriors to 20, lastly I would get rid of the witchelves or beef em up 12 is not such a strong number, (would you consider taking a cold one chariot?). but you have a very good list.

27-02-2006, 10:56
I would first drop the 2nd level on the sorceror as its a waste of point with only 1 wizard as your unlikely to ever get a spell off.

I think the army is too fragile, any magic or shooting heavy army will rip T3 low armour save troops apart and it lacks the punch to take out a combat army. Dark elves are very expensive and you have full command in all of them. Which means your oppenent can pick on the weak units getting 250 VP a time for units that will crumble in combat. Your large punch units don't have the numbers or fighting power to engage other infantry blocks.

The amount of cavalry in this list takes points from the infantry leaving you in a weak middle ground where the cavalry on its own will bounce off an army and the infantry are too weak to break your oppenents line.

That will leave you will some extra points to play with and maybe fit a cheap GW noble in the corsairs

I would drop
The shields on the Xbow men (not going to survive in combat very long anyway so a waste IMO)
The command on the executioners and black guard (small elite units are always good to pick on as have a high point cost, the banners will just give another 100 VP to charging cavalry etc)
and the witch elves (MSU tatctics require you to out manovre and pull your oppenet out of position, having a frenzied unit means that they can disrupt your plans very easily)

In exchange
built the warriors and corsairs to 20 for a decent infantry
Increase the cold ones to 7 to make then a dangerous unit on the charge and use them as a central punch element albe to charge exposed flanks created by infantry blocks. Dark riders make much better flankers then cold ones.

27-02-2006, 14:11
hmmm....black guard......executioners, ok but black guard....

I think your army would struggle against lets say dwarves...

It's just that you don't seem to have a unit that can soak up wounds

looking at your list, your be doing the attacking but I think it'll be nice to include some sort of big unit