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07-07-2010, 00:19
So I like magic and given the option to do so I thought I would give 2 slanns a try. I don't think it does so well under 2500pts but the tournament is 2400pts so not much I can do.

Slann, ethereal 275pts
Slann, rumination, BSB, dispel scroll, Lore of life 325pts

10 skinks with brave 76pts
10 skinks with brave 76pts
10 skinks with brave 76pts
16 skinks / 2 krox - Full command 192pts
16 skinks / 2 krox - Full command 192pts
22 Saurus /w spears - Full command 294pts
22 Saurus /w spears - Full command 294pts

5 Chameleon skinks 60pts
5 Chameleon skinks 60pts
17 Temple Guard - Full command, dragon helm on champ 312pts

Salamander 75pts
Salamander 75pts

Not quite sure on the lore for the ethereal slann, as it doesn't have rumination it won't be casting many spells most turns, so a lore with low casting values makes sense. Fire, death etc...can't remember metals casting values. I don't have characters so beasts is out. Heavens doesn't appeal to me either.

My main blocks should do ok against hordes so I think I should probably go after characters with death or armored targets with metal.

I am thinking standard of dicipline on the temple guard, depending on how it works. It seems to have been designed to go on units without the general, seems some questions as to how it works on the generals unit.

Alternatively I could take the +d6 charge banner.

Final option would be to drop something and take a skink priest to carry the scroll, would free up 25pts on the slann for items like the 2+ ward vs fire.

Or have no scroll but I don't like that option too much.


I don't think I will drop the idea of taking 2 slanns, I know the 2nd one most likely won't have much to cast but I will do it because I CAN :)

07-07-2010, 21:55
I think the extra slann will be a waste, but if you must use him I'd be very careful that he doesn't get sniped with magic.

07-07-2010, 21:59
errmmm...are the disciplines on your slann's the 'i get a free pd every time i cast a spell' disciplines? otherwise i second what malorian said and give that as my advice (cant remember discipline names off the top of my head :P) as in if they both have that discipline (dont know if your aloud to do that) then give them both that discipline)

also, dragonhelm on your champ seems a bit like...well...pointless.
and itd probably be an idea to bulk up your krox units (unless your using em to flank units that charge ur tg)

07-07-2010, 23:06
Well originally the idea was that 1 slann, the one in the TG unit would take rumination (free dice) and cast 4 spells a turn, with whatever dice are left over would go to the 2nd slann who does not have the free dice per cast.

Life has low casting values, the idea was to take another lore with a similar trait. Though I am tempted to take it on both, it would mean that the 2nd slann has no protection. T4 4+ save means it dies to arrows, fireballs etc.

I am a firm believer in not going to battle without a lv4 and a lv2.

If I didn't take the 2 slanns, I would go with a slann and a lv2 skink priest. Ultimately it would not come out much cheaper.

Slann, rumination, mystery, ethereal, magic carpet cupped hands, bsb (500pts) skink with dispel 125pts

625 points overall.

My 2 slanns cost me 600pts, they are not really all that expensive.
This way I get 8 spells from 2 lores of my choosing.

I think they would do better in a slightly larger point game but this is what I have to work with atm.

I suppose making sure the enemy cannot fire on the slann without there being some other troops in the way to get cover might help, though not against machines. Since the TG slann will be trying life I suppose I can heal it if it doesn't go down in 1 turn.

I am not sure how I feel about the TG right now but with a lore of life slann they might not be bad. Taking said lore seems pointless if there isn't something actually worth healing around.