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07-07-2010, 05:17
Well after 2 games against night goblins (1 where I tabled him and 1 where he tabled me) my friends and I expanding to 2250. I'm looking forward to having a little more flexibility and ability on the table. So here goes:

Sorc lord LV4, MoTz, puppet, talisman of 4+ ward (not sure of the name), enchanted shield, disc
(flies around causing magical mayhem)

Exalted BSB, MoTz, shield, sword of battle, collar of Khorne, chaos steed

Sorcerer LV1, MoTz, sword of might, conjoined homonculus, chaos steed
= 161

"The Talon's of Tchar's Writhing Fire"
20 warriors (5x4) MoTz, standard bearer w/ banner of wrath, shields
= 397
"The Blades of fate"
15 warriors (5x3) MoTz, standard bearer w/ warbanner, shields
"The burning wind of the Hastlings"
5 Marauder horsemen MoS (I know not in theme forgive me please), shields, spears, throwing axes, musician
"The howls of ecstatic despair"
4 units of 5 warhounds

"The Blazing Stormcleavers"
8 knights (bsb and LV1 go here making them 5x2) MoTz, standard bearer w/ blasted standard

"The shrine of Battle Flux"
Warshrine of Tzeentch

Total = 2247

My general plan for this army is to have warriors advance slowly with the warshrine on 1 flank and the knights on the other slightly ahead of the line. The LV1 is there primarily to shoot 1 die FF at opponents (possibly 2 dice depending on the roll) to avoid miscasts in his VERY expensive bodyguard.

The hounds run out to screen, redirect etc. (or against ********** night goblins to pull out the fanatics early ***grumble*** so they don't take out all but one of my knights:mad:).

The marauder horse will either take up warmachine hunting along with the sorc lord or again in the case of fanatics hunting them with throwing axes.

The warrior unit with banner of wrath is there mostly as a nasty surprise when the enemy gets close enough. the unit with warbanner has it to mitigate their lack of an extra rank. They are spiky anvils that opponents engage at their peril (15 WS5 S4 attacks are still pretty scary to most things, especially at I5).

The Knights are sort of a deathstar unit (although I'm not even really sure what that means these days). The BSB is kitted for combat and challenges (1+/5++) with 5 S5 attacks at I6. The sorcerer is there more or less to add a little ranged utility to the unit while it holds back in reserve waiting for the flank charges and with the sword of might has the same stat line as a chaos knight, he should never be casting anything that uses more than 2 dice to avoid miscasts (with +2 to cast and conjoined homonculus this doesn't seem to be a problem). And of course with MR2 and the blasted standard the entire unit weathers all the magic and missile stuff coming its way with at least a 4++.

Finally the sorcerer lord, well protected (1+/3++) is pretty well protected against everything or atleast as much as you can be these days. His mobility on the disc allows him to be where he needs to be to unleash magical devastation. The puppet is there to (hopefully) protect him from the worst miscasts and (hopefully) make the opponents miscasts more crippling.

woo!:eek: That was a little more verbose than I intended. Still as a new player who has only played 2 games at 650 pts and 1100 pts respectively I would sincerely appreciate any and all advice with regards to this list and especially in regards to how to play this list.

08-07-2010, 01:19
I'd say it looks pretty good. except that i'd make the horsemen flail wielding mark of khorne units. that is an underrated strategy to throw one of those in a flank. also, the sorcerer lord on the disc is great, but the puppet wont help as much as you expect, but it is nonetheless helpful. finally, i would give the knights MoKh because it much increases their killing power and frenzy is a lot more manageable in this edition

08-07-2010, 03:02
I do appreciate the feedback but I am trying to for a Tzeentch theme here (I know the horsemen are marked MoS but the rest are MoTz). I like the Tzeentch fluff and I like the Tzeentch paint schemes (blue is my favorite color).

I would like to put flails on the horsemen but I am just shy on the points to do it (and I'm not sure where to find them). I figure S4 on the charge when attacking warmachines is almost as good as S5 especially since most crew don't wear much in the way of armor. That and it should be pretty hard not to get the charge against warmachines.

As to the Knights, well I built them to be uber tough and they are plenty killy already. Especially with the combat kitted BSB in their. I'm just wondering how cautious to be with them. Should they sit back and pose a threat flank to anything that attacks the warriors? because that what I am thinking of doing with them now. That way they also act as a missile+magic magnet which they are equipped to shrug off pretty well.

Basically I guess I am asking people if you were running a very similar list are there any changes you would make and how would you use the various units?

08-07-2010, 09:29
I know you want it to be as "tzeentchian" as possible, but consider not marking the shrine. 20 pts for +1 ward is not cheap and you would be able to give your marauders flails ;)

Im running a very similar list with less tzeentch and more khorne. To be honest i think there is very little you can do to make improvements and stay true to your fluff at the same time.... the list is rock solid in my opinion.

08-07-2010, 12:38
My primary list is an all Tzeentch WoC also, and I agree with Zangor, your list is rock solid. A couple things that I would suggest considering:

1. Giving halberds instead of shields to the 20 block with the Banner of Rage. I know that it is hard to give up the 3+ AS and 5+ WS, but sometimes more killy is necessary in Tzeentch (I run a 15-20 block of Tzeentch Chosen with Halberds or GWs).
2. Consider MoT on the Horsemen. I know that it is not min maxing your list, but sometimes style goes a long way. I have a unit of Horsemen, MoT, with shields and spears that looks awesome. It's not the best Horsemen unit, but it looks great.
3. Keep the MoT on the Warshrine. Same reason as #2, keep the fluff for maximum shock and awe effect.
4. Consider the possibility of trading up the Lvl 1 Sorcerer for another Exalted sometime. It never hurts to have another badass joining a block of infantry.
5. You might want to find a way to work in a Hellcannon sometime. Shooting balls of fire from hell seems to fit the fluff of Tzeentch and they are very useful in 8th.

All that being said, I still think your list is solid. No need to change it if you like it.

08-07-2010, 21:21
hell cannons are very good in the new rules, mosters which shoot people with templates. And it is VERY tzeentchy

08-07-2010, 22:25
Thanks for all the replies, it is much appreciated.

I was just reading through the new BRB at my local FLGS today and noticed that javelins are now range 12" and that the quick to fire rule no longer negates the penalty for long range (or atleast I didn't see that). This seems to mean -1 to shoot with throwing axes at over 3"!

I am thinking about dropping the 20 strong unit of warriors to 15 and bump the marauder horsemen to 10 with spears, shields and javelins. *sigh* I am ever so indecisive.

and the next thing I get for this list when I get up to 2500 is a hellcannon. They are pretty sweet and feel pretty fluffy.