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07-07-2010, 08:29
Hey guys. I had a game today, using the new rules. My slowly growing O&G army vs a mates WoC.
I had:
Spear Chukka
10 Spiders
55 Night Gobbos (spears)
20 Night Gobbos (bows)
23 Orc Biguns (simply to make it up to 1500pts)
A Giant
2 Boar Chariots
Night Warboss with 1 hit wunda, destiny armour (4+ ward), guzzla's brew
Night Big Boss with BSB, martogs basha,
NG Shaman, Level 2
(all characters in 55 gobbos)
16 warriors + lord on daemonic steed
30 Marauders + hero on juggernaut
3 x 5 dogs
3 x 5 horsemen (1 with flails and khorne)
Chariot of khorne

Everything was deployed somewhere in the middle. With woods sort of splitting the board in 3. 55 gobbos went on a hill.
He went first, moved forward.
My turn 1, orcs failed animosity, squabbling. My spells were gaze of gork and hand of gork. Not my favourite spells but ok. Archers volley fired, one of my favourite new rules. Killing 2 marauders.

WoC turn 2. Moved forward again. Basically the opposite of dwarfs. Marauder horsies with flails charged the spiders, beat em, caught 'em.
My turn 2. Deciding to get the action started, my chariot no.1 charged some doggies who held. The orc unit charged a different dog unit. magic phase reaped no rewards. Giant and chariot no.2 moved towards the warrior unit. Volley from the Arrer Gobs took out a marauder horsemen unit.

COMABT! Dogs didn't do any wounds. Orcs killed 3 dogs. Pursued into a chariot.
WoC turn 3. Marauder unit flank charged the 20 orcs :eek: Rolled an 8 allowing them to charge 12", something I didn't anticipate :( Orcs got obliterated in combat by the marauders (with jugger hero) ran into a forest but got caught
My Turn 3. Chariot and Giant charged the warriors. 20 archers charged some marauder horsies who where threatening my 55 unit's flanks. (Me forgetting they wouldn't be able to negate ranks) Spear Chukka killed 4 marauders :)
COMBAT! Chariot did 1 impact wound. Warriors (and lord) with higher I went first, 2 wounds on the chariot, 5 on the giant. Crew and boars did nothing. Giant got swing with club but did nothing. Thunderstomp did an equal nothing. (I think I need new dice)
I lost, the giant held but the chariot fled, through the 55 gobbos. Only killed 1 luckily. Popped out on the other side. Warriors of course couldn't pursue. 20 gobbo archers wiped out the horsies they were fighting but didn't overrun

WoC turn 4. Everything basically regrouped, focusing on the big unit.

My Turn 4. Surviving chariot rallied. I threw all my shooting and everything at the massive marauder unit soon returning. Killing 2 marauders. Giant was slain but didn't fall on the warriors :(

WoC turn 5. Warrior unit and Marauder unit both charged the gobbo unit!!!
The combined attacks of the warriors, jugger hero, marauders and chaos lord killed 11 gobbo's. Attacking back with 20 attacks on each unit, I killed 1 warrior and 5 marauders. A unit champ challenged and I accepted with my BSB, both failed to do a single wound. I lost by 5 or so but was steadfast and had a BSB so I held :D
My Turn 5. My chariot charged the warrior unit. Arrer gobbos tried to charge the marauders but rolled too low and could not make it (I don't blame 'em)
COMBAT!! Impact hits scored 2 wounds. 8 goblins and the BSB were slain.
In return I killed 2 marauders. The warboss used wollupas one hit wunda! but only knocked down 1 warrior thanks to those damned ward saves!
The unit was no longer steadfast, had no BSB and lost by quite a bit. It fled, off the board too, as did the chariot.
we decided to end it there.
Unfortunately as half killed units grant no points, I actually lost quite badly. If they did, it wouldn't have been so bad ( I half killed the warrior unit, the jugger lost half wounds from the spear chukka, I think I killed half of the marauders but perhaps not quite.)

Lessons. The bigun unit was simply there to make up points. Don't take bigunz in future, another (slightly cheaper) 55 strong gobin unit would serve me twice as well, with bows perhaps.
Remember charging has much less importance as in this situation, everything in the army had higher initiative than almost everything in mine. Oh and the army list was basically all I had, so sorry of its terrible.
EDIT: The best bit was that '300' was playing in the background :D

Oh and for any WoC players who read all of this. The Jugger hero was also a BSB and had one of the new enchanted items, the Dawn Stone allowing him to re-roll failed (0+) armour saves. He is nigh impossible to kill

07-07-2010, 12:02
The Jugger hero was also a BSB and had one of the new enchanted items, the Dawn Stone allowing him to re-roll failed (0+) armour saves.
1+ save, not 0+.
To be honest you were in for a rough ride from the start, taking nothing but the crappier options from the O&G book against the best combat army in the game is going to be an uphill struggle :p.

07-07-2010, 12:12
Falkman speaks the truth, you also had one big ass unit with all your eggs, which only got into combat at turn 5, then promtly lost :(

jugger with rerollable save is nice n all but hes leaving himself exposed to cannons and the like, which let him reroll his NO save =P

You also took his bait with the big uns and allowed a flank charge, careful with units of any kind, always have them supported, something not overrunning is the wisest action.

But mroe importantly than that, was it fun? WoC took some interesting choices oh and did your magic do anything? you didnt mention it

07-07-2010, 13:52
Only having a night goblin warboss really hurt you leadership wise.

In the future, and in bigger games, I would suggest a cheap orc warboss that hides in the back or a defensive warboss that battles in the front.

Leadership is just too important to hordes, and thus 8th.

Thanks for th report.

07-07-2010, 22:39
Thanks for the replies everyone
It was definitely fun. Like I said I was playing with what I had. Since I only had BFSP night gobbos, no netters, no fanatics. Would have liked to take 2 chukkas but I only have 1.

You also took his bait with the big uns and allowed a flank charge, careful with units of any kind, always have them supported, something not overrunning is the wisest action.

Unfortunately it was charge the chariot and then get flanked, or sit there and get charged by the chariot and probably the marauders anyway, depending on the dice roll. I decided the unit's best bet was to deny those impact hits.

Striking on I really hurt me in that game I think.

Chaos Undecided
11-07-2010, 20:28
I think a doomdiver or stonethrower (or two) would be your best answer to those mounted heroes in the units, no look out sir roles for them :p