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07-07-2010, 16:13

I'm thinking of starting a pre-raphaelite themed Bretonnian army. That is; not realistic and gritty, but "romatic" and idealistic and heroic.

I was mostly thinking of having an army with as much pts spent in characters as possible (50% (25%lord 25%hero)) with many damsels, and mostly knight errants as core and questing knights as special. I want mostly questing characters, and avoid grail vow, just for looks, but might consider a unit of grail knights.

So I wonder.

Would the list be good/fun or die in an instant?

How many lords (on horse and foot only, no pegs/hippogryphs) could I fit in in 3-3.5 K if I only have one or 2 lord level damsels?

I was thinking of converting/sculpting a questing knight and a damsel sitting on the same horse, using the rules for for "wizards hat" magic item, does anyone know if a character with Heavy armour may use it?

Does virtues count toward 50/100 pts of magic item limit?

Is virtue of ideal + +3 st sword + something else a good combo for a lord.

Dragon helm + virtue of heroism + something else ( hopefully increasing number of attacks), is it good against 'thirsters?

Are there any good Anti-bloodthirster builds?

Are there any other good character builds (Preferably questing) taking the new magic items in account?

How many damsels would be apt?

Are questing knights any good, or have they been worthless since 7th edition?

Are errants good, or should I take knights?

07-07-2010, 18:31
How many characters in 3k points? well 750 of lords and 750 of heroes so half your army can be Lords and Heros for actual numbers it depends on what you equip them with.

Right now Magic items and Virtues draws from the same 50/100 point allotment but this may change with the Army list updates.

Virtue of Ideal is bad when other units are around that character it is more useful for a lone character. You might be able to get away with it because of the new Battle Standard rules.

If the Blood Thirster has flaming attacks then Dragon Helm or Dragons claw is perfect but you might have problems getting the right character into combat with him unless you use a pegasus.

At least 1 Damsel to add to your dispel attempts and carry some scrolls and if you want to cast spells at least 1 level 4 Prophetess of the Lady. Magic is now viable for Bret in 8th.

Questing Knights had their place in 7th when you needed higher strength for multiple turns. Now questing knights get +2 strength but strike last which makes them ok.

I prefer Knights of the Realm for their higher LD and WS but at least 1 Knights Errant is good to take advantage of the Errantry Banner. Having a 1 or 2 units also fits the "romantic" theme well.