View Full Version : 2k HE flying list

07-07-2010, 18:25
Lords: 1

1 prince-armor caledor, vambrace defence, amulet of light, GW, rides a sun dragon

Heroes: 1
1 dragon mage-lvl 2, annulian crystal

Core: 3
29 spearmen-standard, musician (5x6 ranked)
20 spearmen-standard, musician (5x4 ranked)
10 archers (10x2 ranked)

Rare: 10
10 Great Eagles

1994 points

Since HE have no restriction of slots on rare choices due to elite army, why not take 12 flying units :P

07-07-2010, 22:33
Ermmm there isn't an official elite army rule yet, so that list is currently illegal (though i really hope the high elves will get elite army ;))