View Full Version : 8th Skaven 2500p: Need some feedback =)

08-07-2010, 08:18
Hi! I need some feedback on this list i put together.
It's ment to be an all-comer list, maybe for a tourny, so i would like to hear from you if you think this list would be steamrolled, or if it can do good. :eyebrows:

Grey Seer with The foul Pendant & Skalm (General)
Warlord on Bonebreaker with Warpstone Armour, shield & Heroslayer sword

Plague Priest on Plage Furnace naked w/flail
Warlock Engineer Lvl 1 with Doom rocket & Warp-enery condenser
Chieftain BSB naked

Clanrats x 30 with Spears, Musi & Standard - Doom-Flayer attached
Clanrats x 29 with spears, Musi & Standard - Warp fire thrower attached
Stormvermin x 29, Musi & Standard (Storm Banner) - Plague Wind Mortar attached
Skavenslaves x 21 with Musi
Giant Rats x 21 + 4 Packmasters

Rat ogres x 2 + 1 Packmaster
Plague monks x 20 with full command (Banner of the under-empire)

Doomwheel x 1
Warp-lightning Cannon x 1
Plague Claw catapult x 1

The plan was to use GS as a general, while the warlord runs rampant in the Rogre unit. The BSB being with the Stormvermin, while the GS and WE is in the Clanrat units.


12-07-2010, 07:16