View Full Version : New magic spells or army book spells which is best?

grimgors battle buddy
08-07-2010, 14:33
Whilst having a quick read through of the new book at local GW i got to thinking which spells are better, the new 8 generic one's or the spell systems throughout the range of army books.

With mages adding their magic level to their casting attempts the army book spells are alot easier to cast. A orc great shaman (level 4) can cast waagh on a 8+, a HE archamge (level 4) can incinerate the new massed ranked units on a 8+ as well.

I know that the newer spell systems in newer books seemed to accomodate 8th Edition re skaven/beastmen, but the older spell systems i beleive will prove extremely useful.

I know that the new generic spells gain additional benefits at the top of their respective pages but surely the army book ranges are better?

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08-07-2010, 14:49

The new spells are more... dramatic. Not just the instant death spells like Purple Sun, but the buffs/hexes are also insane, game swingingly powerful.
However, they do provide less shooting-alternative attacks (exception of Lore of Fire, but that's all S4).

Some of the army book lores remain pretty good. In particular, Lore of Tzeentch (mortals) is pretty damm awesome (Gateway, Panda and Treason being why).

Basically, the new spells have more super powerful spells, but all the army book spells are now really, really easy to cast with the bonuses to magic. With the ability to roll up to 6 dice a spell though, that's not such a big difference as you'd expect, as lv1/2s can still blast out the crazy stuff.

08-07-2010, 15:03
Dark Magic in the DE book is great in 8th. A level 4 is almost guaranteed to get chillwind off, which will reduce shooting in an edition where shooting is very important. Bladewind will do tons of damage to large infantry blocks. Soul Stealer hits every model in the unit and denies armour saves and Black Horror uses the large template. And all of it is at a pretty low casting values for a Lvl4.

I think I might prefer a Lvl4 on Peg with Familiar taking Dark and a Lvl2 on steed to support with either Fire or Death.

08-07-2010, 15:10
I have a feeling that the spells in army books will be errata'd to be higher casting values.

08-07-2010, 15:13
I have a feeling that the spells in army books will be errata'd to be higher casting values.

I don't because they still don't come with Lore Attributes.