View Full Version : Dark Elf Army - 2000-2500 pts

08-07-2010, 15:06
Hey so I'm pretty new to Warhammer (just bought a dark elf army off Craigs list to play with my brother and his friend) and I'm not really the best at making an army list or knowing how well each type of unit will work with each other yet. Anyways, here's what I got from the guy for $100 and if anyone could give me a hand setting up a good list from the 2000-2500 pt range and maybe some tips as to what to take and why it would be greatly appreciated - I know some responses may end up being long and I thank you ahead of time for the help!

Malus Darkblade
Hag Queen
Dark Pegasus
Cold one Chariot + 2 Cold ones
Black Dragon + General
Cauldron of Blood
War Hydra
2 Beastmasters
2 Repeater bolt throwers
7 Assassins
6 Harpies
10 Cold one riders
10 Shades
34 Witch Elves
14 Executioners
20 Warriors with Spears
28 Warriors with Repeater Crossbows
12 Black Guard
15 Corsairs
2 Dark Riders

I don't intend to use any list completely with what someone gives me, but I want base army I can set to my own playstyle once I get a little more familiar with the game.

Thanks again!