View Full Version : Maric Resistance in 8th?

08-07-2010, 17:05

I am a bit confused with how it work, rumors says that it gives a ward save vs spells, does it means all spells, damage, hex, etc.? Ex. if a spell gives -1 toughness to a unit that has MR, do you get to roll, or it bypasses the save?

Also, does the save stacks with normal ward saves? Ex. 5++ base has MR 2, then he drops to 3++ vs spells...

Combining the 2 questions above... if you can get MR save vs hexes, then do you get an increase due to your normal ward save, or its MR only?

08-07-2010, 17:08
You can only use the ward save against spell damage, any other effect happens regardless of magic resistance as it no longer gives any bonus dispel dice.

And yes it increases your Ward Save if you already have one that works against such damage. So parry which only works in close combat and gives you a 6+ ward save won't be getting better if you have MR2, you'll only have 5+ ward against spells.

But things like Flesh Hounds with 5+ Ward save against all damage, and MR3, gets 2+ Ward Save against wounds caused by spells but nothing against other effects like -D3 Toughness.